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Library computers and Internet use

You can use computers (People's Network) in local libraries.


Join the library

Join us.

To use the full range of services you need to be a member of the library.

You can use the service as a visitor but you will be charged £1.50 for up to 1 hour's use.  Additional time (if available) will be charged at the same rate, and you will need to provide proof of your name.


What we offer

  • Full Microsoft Office 2010 suite

  • Word (word processing)

  • Excel (spreadsheets)

  • PowerPoint (presentations)

  • Access (databases)

  • Publisher (publishing)

  • Internet Explorer (web browsing)

  • Each library has one computer with a height adjustable desk

  • USB sticks, CD/DVD drive and floppy disk drives can be used

  • All the computers have sound - customers need to bring their own headphones

  • All libraries have a flat-bed scanner connected to a computer with Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 8 editing software



Library members

Sessions are free to library members.

Unpaid fees

If you have more than £5 of unpaid fees and charges on your library account, you will have to pay a minimum of £1 each time you wish to use a computer.  

You will have to pay the £1 charge until the outstanding sum falls below £5.


Visitors are charged £1.50 for up to 1 hour's computer use.

Additional time (if available) will be charged at the same rate. You will also be asked to provide proof of your name.

Printing costs

High quality black and white prints cost 10p per side, and colour prints cost 50p per side.


Children and young people can have 5 x black & white and 1 x colour computer prints, free of charge for homework use only.


Length of time for each session

Sessions of 30 minutes can be pre-booked for up to 1 hour, and up to 1 week in advance.



Our computers are available during normal opening hours in local libraries or the Central Library.


Your login details

Membership of the library gives you a unique user name and password. This can be used in local libraries or the Central Library to log on to the computers (People's Network).

Non library members (visitors) can use the People's Network once they have been issued with a "guest" login by a member of staff.

All users of the People's Network must agree to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy before they are issued with log-in details. The Acceptable Use Policy can be downloaded from below.

Children's access is filtered through the Cisco application, and adult access is also filtered but at a lower level.



Email is one of the most popular aspects on library computers (People's Network).  

Only web-based email services are available. If you do not already have an email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo, you will need to create one.

Library staff can give you assistance in doing this.


Help using the computers

Staff are happy to help you as much as they can, but they do not give tuition.

If you require tuition we can give you details of classes or sessions you can attend.


Acceptable Use Policy



Free WiFi is available in all Council run libraries.

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