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Reading Groups

A reading group is a group of people who meet together to talk about a book they have read. Sheffield already has over 250 registered groups.

They usually read one book a month, and many groups take the book out for free from a local library.

Some groups read a particular type of book each month; others read something different each time.

You don’t have to be an expert, just willing to chat about what you’ve read.


Groups meeting in libraries

Groups meet in libraries across the city.  These are free and open to all library members.  Contact the libraries for details of upcoming dates, times and selected books.

Start your own group

Our reading group pack tells you everything you need to know about setting up a reading group, and the support you can receive from Sheffield Libraries.


Sets of Books for Reading Groups

We stock sets of reading group books to borrow.  Each set contains 10 copies of the same book.

If you prefer to look at a book's 'blurb' when choosing what to read, you can also browse through the books in the Central Lending Library.

We also stock Quick Reads sets.  These are perfect for readers short of time or for use with groups and classes of readers.

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