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Quick Reads - ESOL and Literacy Books

Quick Reads are appropriate for readers at different levels. Our collection includes short books aimed at adults learning to read English. 

Some of these books have less than 20 pages and use simple English with pictures to help the reader.

The collection also includes fast-paced, bite-sized books by bestselling writers for people who want to improve their reading, anyone who has lost the reading habit or those who simply want a short, fast read.

Quick Reads can be found in our Central Lending Library and all our libraries.

Titles include:

  • Asking for Help

  • Fadumo Goes Shopping

  • My Son is Sick

  • A New Home

  • Painting The Bedroom

Quick Reads are also available in sets of 10. These book sets may be particularly useful to ESOL groups and Literacy groups.

You can download a list of Quick Reads sets in order of reading level and a guide on how to order them.

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