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Donate to support Local Studies and Archives collections

Help us shine a light on Sheffield's history

Deep under Sheffield’s Central Library are 6 strong-rooms full of rare and fascinating items from the Local Studies and Archives collections documenting over 800 years of the history of our city. 

Help us bring these items into the daylight for everyone to enjoy.

We are dedicated to improving access to the many hundreds of thousands of items in our collections so that everyone can enjoy them. In recent years many have been repaired, digitised, and published on Picture Sheffield.

Many items remain ‘locked away’ in our strong-rooms.  Some have suffered from poor storage handling before they came to the City Archives - the risk of further damage prevents anyone from looking at them. 

Many others remain hidden from view and are only available to researchers who are able to visit the Central Library and City Archives.

Thanks to the generous support of our customers we are able to make more of Sheffield’s rich history available to everyone through our conservation and digitisation programme.


PictureSheffield examples


Donate to help us save, clean, repair, digitise and publish

We have selected a range of key archives that we would like to have repaired and / or digitised in 2016/17. 

For every £500 we raise we can safeguard a set of 30 - clean and repair them, digitise them and make them accessible to all.

The first set includes:

  • early play-bills for Sheffield’s theatres from the 1800s; World War II posters
  • 19th century estate agent sale plans
  • plans of Victorian properties and streets
  • 19th century broadsheets for sports and entertainment events

Will you help us to repair and digitise more archives so more people can enjoy them?

Every pound we raise makes a real difference to everyone who is interested in preserving and enjoying the history of Sheffield.

Please donate

Donate securely online by debit or credit card (select donate and select Picture Sheffield donation)

Send a cheque payable to "Sheffield City Council" and marked "Picture Sheffield appeal" to:

City Archives,
52 Shoreham Street,
S1 4SP

Donate cash into donation boxes at the City Archives and the Local Studies Library.


Thank you for your support!

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