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Central Lending Library

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Central Library, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 1XZ
Tel: 0114 273 4727/9

Opening Hours

  • Monday, 10am to 8pm
  • Tuesday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday, 9.30am to 8pm
  • Thursday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Friday,  9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Sunday, closed

Find, Renew or Reserve

Use our online library catalogue to renew your books, reserve items and find books, music and film.


How to get Here

View our map of how to get here, or take a look at the inside of the Central Lending Library.

Join the Library

Its easy to join the library, just fill in our simple online form and collect your membership card from the library of your choice. You can start borrowing straight away.

What We Stock

We offer a wide range of material for loan including:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books

  • Books on tape and CD

  • Books in community and foreign languages

  • Ordnance Survey maps

  • Graphic Novels

We have a large general fiction collection and also provide a range of genre fiction including:

  • Crime, adventure and thrillers

  • Science fiction

  • Horror

  • Family sagas and romance

  • Westerns

Please ask if you need help finding a particular title, or if you would like suggestions on what to read next.

If you would like more recommended reads, themed reads or information about joining a reading group and other reading group services, please visit our Reading Room.


DVD shelves in the Central Lending Library

Music and Film Collection

The Music and Film Collection is housed in the Central Lending Library and has a variety of stock available for loan, including:

  • DVDs

  • Blu-rays

  • CDs

  • Sheet Music

  • Music related books

We also stock music magazines and have a dedicated orchestral and vocal set hire service. Find out more information about the Music and Film Collection.

For details of the latest DVD, Blu-ray and CD titles in stock across Libraries, for recommendations and more visit our Music and Film area.



To ensure we always have a copy of the latest chart titles in stock, we have a 'Bestseller' collection. We receive multiple copies of the top 10 paperback fiction & non-fiction titles automatically as they enter the charts.

  • You can borrow them for one week and renew them once, for one week.

  • If you need longer, you can borrow or reserve a standard three week copy of the title.

  • Normal overdue charges apply.

  • As titles move out of the charts they will be transferred to other libraries in the city.

  • Look at our list of Bestsellers for the latest titles in stock.


Language Learning Courses

Audio CDs and cassette language learning courses for beginners and more advanced learners are available to borrow. Language course books, many including CDs, are also available. Titles include:

Many more are available. Ask staff or check the online catalogue for the title you require.


Give and Take Collection

Find out more about our Give and Take Collection where books, talking books and music CDs, can be donated at your local library.

Talking books shelves in the Central Lending Library

Books on Tape and CD

We are developing our collection of books on CD, and will continue to supply both fiction and non-fiction books on tape for those who cannot read print, or for anyone who likes to ‘read’ in this way. Recent titles include:


New: e-audio books

If you enjoy listening to audio books then One Click Digital offers free, 24/7 access to over 1,000 audiobook titles including some of the most popular authors and titles which you can download onto your phone, MP3 player, iPod or PC.


Large Print Books

A wide selection of books in larger print for those who have problems reading small type. Recent titles include:



Drama Collection

The Drama Collection consists of more than 15,000 copies of play scripts, with nearly 4,000 different titles. All the stock is available for loan, as either single copies or sets, which are loaned to groups.

Find out more about the Drama Collection.


Gay and Lesbian Collection

Modern issues from a range of authors. Recent titles include:

Find out more information about LGBT resources in Libraries.


Graphic Novels

Blaze into Batman or sample some manga. If you're new to graphic novels, or want to try a different style of graphic novel read our guide 'So you want to get into Graphic Novels?'.

Books in Community and European Languages

We stock a range of fiction and non-fiction titles in:

  • Bengali, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi

  • Chinese, Polish, Hindi,

  • Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and French

Search for these and others using our online library catalogue.


Free access to Computers

Whether you want to surf the net, type up a CV or just print a document, you can use a 'People's Network' computer for free in the library for up to an hour a day.

A black and white printer, colour printer and a scanner are also available. Memory card readers and floppy disk drives are available for use only with our machines.

Prints are charged at 10p a side for black and white and 50p a side for colour.

The People's Network machines are very popular and can be busy so it is advisable to book an appointment. To do this, phone 0114 273 4727.


Reading Group books in the Central Lending Library

Central Library Reading Groups

There are currently four reading groups in the Central Library that meet at various points in the month. All the groups are currently full. If you would like to join the waiting list please phone 0114 273 4727.

Other available reading groups.


Sheffield Writers Resource Centre

Based in the Central Lending Library, Wednesdays 5.15-7.30pm.

This is a drop in run by Signposts Writing Development project and provides advice and information for full time, part time or occasional writers or for those just interested in the idea of trying some writing for fun.

They can provide details of courses, bookshops, writers' groups etc, as well as details of competitions, magazines and everything to do with creative writing.

This is a drop-in session, no appointment is necessary.



Use our online form to send your compliments, comments, queries or complaints to us.

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