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Report anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that causes harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people, not of the same household.

This can include (but is not limited to) graffiti, litter, vandalism, abandoned cars, noise nuisance, harassment and intimidation.


Report anti-social behaviour

Urgent incidents call South Yorkshire Police on 999.

Less urgent

Report fly-tipping, litter and graffiti

Report less urgent crime or disorder call 101

  • if your car has been stolen
  • if your property has been damaged
  • when you suspect drug use or drug dealing
  • to report a minor traffic collision
  • to make us aware of policing issues in your area, like illegal off road bikes
  • for any other general police enquiries


Council House tenants

If you live on a council estate or are experiencing anti social behaviour from Sheffield Homes tenants please call your local Sheffield Homes Area Housing Office.


Nuisance noise and animals

If you do not live on a council estate and your complaint is about, noise, animals, or filthy conditions call Environmental Health.


Information about crime

Report information about crime in your area, anti social behaviour hotspots or people you think may be involved in crime to your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0114 2202020.


How we tackle anti-social behaviour

We work with the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Courts to fast track anti-social behaviour and nuisance cases so that they can be dealt with quickly and to provide a high level of support to victims and witnesses.

Action we take

If we can resolve a situation without legal action, we will (through interventions and diversionary work).  However, in some situations, legal enforcement may be necessary and we will not hesitate to take action.

Anti-social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)

Sought by the Police, ourselves, and can also be made when someone is convicted of a criminal offence. Breach of an ASBO is a criminal offence.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs)

Agreements made between an individual and the police and local authority that the individual’s anti-social behaviour will stop.

Injunctions, Possession Proceedings and Notices Seeking Possession (NSP)

Are examples of legal options we can take to put a stop to anti-social behaviour caused by our tenants or their household members.

Dispersal Orders

Under section 30 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 can be used to target groups of people who gather on the streets.  When an order is in place, the Police can direct any groups of two or more people to disperse and refusal to comply with a direction can result in arrest.

Fixed Penalty Notices for Disorder

Issued by the Police for, among other offences, causing harassment, alarm or distress, and for destroying or damaging property.


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