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Firth Park regeneration


Firth Park is at the bottom of a basin, surrounded by the hills of Brushes, Stubbin, and Flower which is on top of a plateau at a higher level. There are some great views from high points in the neighbourhood.

The landform makes the Firth Park District Centre a natural focal point, and many of the area’s main routes converge here. Firth Park itself is a successful urban park with good, clear entry points.

Firth Park is part of the Firth Park ward.


Master plan

The master plan for Firth Park is perhaps better described as a Neighbourhood Development Framework.

It sets a vision for how people want their community to look and feel. A group of master plans are then put together to form an Area Development Framework, this time for Brightside Shiregreen.



The following projects are taking place within the Firth park neighbourhood.

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