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Housing and neighbourhood regeneration

Regeneration activity is taking place in many neighbourhoods, providing new and better homes across the city as well as contributing to the growth of local economies.


Housing regeneration

Many of the schemes we work on are aimed at improving and increasing the provision of housing across the city, either through the redevelopment of existing estates, building new homes, bringing empty properties back into use or buying properties to rent out as social housing.


Housing regeneration schemes


New homes


Property purchases

We are currently buying properties across the city to add to our stock of social housing.

About our Property Purchase Scheme.


Long term empty properties

A long term empty property is one that has been empty for a continuous period of six months or more.

We offer a range of schemes, information and advice to try to help owners bring their empty properties back into use.

About empty homes.


Neighbourhood regeneration

We also work on schemes to improve local areas more widely, revitalising local centres and neighbourhoods in an effort to help boost the local economy and housing market.


Successful Centres projects

Our Successful Centres strategy aims to improve local centres so that every centre that acts as a focal point for the community, is a source of pride and contributes to a sense of belonging in an area.


Master plans and reports

In some areas, master plans or other planning documents are in place to help guide regeneration and redevelopment work in an area.

Master plans and neighbourhood strategies in place across Sheffield.


Contact us

Please contact us to find out more about our work.

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