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Tenancy law and rights

We provide advice and information to landlords and tenants about tenancy law and offences related to tenancy law, and we help to make sure that tenants are not made to leave their homes unlawfully.

Although we cannot represent or act on behalf of either landlords or tenants in the way that a solicitor or advocate can, we do advise about the law to do with private tenancies covering issues such as:

  • Status and security of tenure

  • Contractual rights

  • Ending tenancies

  • Bonds and Tenancy Deposit Scheme

  • The tenant’s right to exclusive possession and Quiet Enjoyment

  • Unfair Terms in Contracts Regulations

  • Harassment and Illegal Eviction

  • Rent

  • Rights of Long Leaseholders


Advice for tenants

We have produced detailed advice for tenants on the following private rented problems:


Advice for landlords

We have produced detailed advice for tenants on the following private rented problems:

If you are a landlord, it can be a good idea to join a landlord association which can provide further support and advice:

Our Landlord Information Pack provides information on most of the issues that arise when letting out properties. It also contains further useful links.


Tenancy agreement

The government have produced a model tenancy agreement which can be downloaded and printed off.


Advice for leaseholders

Tenancy Relations Officers can also advise about offences relating to long-leaseholder rights. More information is available from Shelter and the Leasehold Advisory Service.



We have powers to prosecute various landlord and tenant offences. Download the guide to tenancy relation offences below.

The most important of these offences are to do with making occupiers leave unlawfully. We are the prosecuting authority for offences under Protection from Eviction Act 1977. We view these offences seriously. A document with the relevant extract from the Private Sector Housing Policy is available below.

Download information about harassment and illegal eviction below.


Contact us

Please contact us if you require any further information or have any questions.

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