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Energy performance certificates (EPC)

Landlords in the social and private rented sectors must give prospective tenants an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when they view a property, this includes:

  • a rating for the property's energy efficiency and environmental impact
  • recommended measures (for the landlord to consider) which would improve its rating

Prospective tenants can make informed choices about the energy costs and environmental impact of properties they are considering renting.


Energy efficiency

Landlords are encouraged to implement energy efficiency measures to make their properties more attractive to prospective tenants. As a result, standards in the sector will be improved:

  • tenants will have warmer more efficient homes
  • issues around the HHSRS excess cold hazard, fuel poverty and the wider climate change agenda will be addressed


Advice for landlords

We produce and distribute written advice for landlords.  Specialist advice is also available about standards of private rented accommodation for asylum seekers and homeless people.

  • Modified: Jun 26, 2014 3:19:10 PM