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Deposits or rent in advance

Private landlords and agents often want a deposit and/or rent in advance before they will agree to let their property to you.



Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

In exceptional circumstances you might be able to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) to help with a deposit if you already receive some Housing Benefit.


Credit Union Loans

Sheffield Credit Union can help people with loans and will provide a loan if it is found to be affordable when they look at your application.

They will also open a savings account for you. Budgeting accounts are also available if you need help freeing up more income by managing your bills and avoiding arrears and bank charges.


Housing schemes

Currently there is no scheme in Sheffield that offers deposits to households looking to rent privately.  However, there are places that can help people on low incomes access the private rented sector:

Nomad SmartRenting

Nomad SmartRenting is a project that helps people into private rented shared housing.  It is for single people/childless couples who are under 35 and have been found homeless but ‘non priority need’.

Private Rented Solutions (PRS)

PRS is a council scheme to help households who have been assessed as homeless find private rented accommodation. If you find a landlord that's interested in joining the scheme they can contact PRS on 0114 205 3112 or email You must have been assessed for the scheme through the council's Housing Solutions service on 0114 273 6306.


Rent in advance

Our Local Assistance Scheme

If there is no other way to prevent a serious health and safety risk to you or your family a Local Assistance Loan could help with rent in advance for privately rented properties.


Budgeting loans from Job Centre Plus

Apply for a budgeting loan for rent in advance but not for a deposit.

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