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Private sector housing policy

The Private Sector Housing Policy determines the range of services that we provide to homeowners, landlords and tenants living in private sector housing in Sheffield.

The policy takes into account the wider legislative context and national, regional and local strategic frameworks within which we operate.

Policy strategic objectives and goals

The policy aims to achieve the following three key strategic objectives and associated priorities by meeting the specific targets set out below:

  • Address non-decent housing in the private sector and meet the government’s PSA7 target.

  • Promote environmental sustainability and address fuel poverty in the private sector. Ensure the number of people facing fuel poverty is reduced and aim to significantly reduce the City’s carbon footprint.

  • Create successful housing markets supported by the right quality and mix of private sector housing. We will license all 2,000 qualifying houses in multiple occupation within 2 years ensuring they meet minimum physical and management standards.


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