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Empty homes in Sheffield

Houses Into Homes

Houses into Homes is a collection of practical information and advice, potential financial assistance and various tailored schemes to help owners of empty properties. 

There are several key ways in which we can work together with individuals and communities to help get empty properties into use:


We can advise you how best to go about selling your empty property and assist you in this by putting you in touch with auctioneers and estate agents and provide access to VAT reductions, loan assistance schemes and home improvements.

We may also be able to purchase your property from you to add to our housing stock.


We can assist you in letting your property by directing you to our Tenant Finding Service and by providing access to VAT reductions, loan assistance schemes and home improvements.


Should you wish to buy an empty property, we can provide you with information about how to contact owners.


We can provide information about leasing schemes offered by local charitable organisations, where they can lease your property from you for a fixed period of time.


We can tell you about the options available to you if you are thinking of refurbishing or renovating your empty property.


Report an empty home.


Council Tax

Council Tax charges for empty properties.

Empty properties no longer qualify for a Council Tax discount, but there are other exemptions which might be applicable to your property.

Find out more about Council Tax exemptions.


Scheme background

At present there are over 3,300 empty properties in Sheffield (February 2014) and the charity Empty Homes estimate that there are around 635,000 empty properties nationwide (October 2013).

Empty properties are a concern to us because they have the potential to negatively affect individuals, local communities and the city as a whole. The negative implications of empty properties include:

  • The financial loss to owners of empty properties through Council Tax and other payments as well as the lost income from properties standing empty.

  • The detrimental effects to neighbouring properties and local areas as a result of the attracting of vermin, fly-tipping, crime and anti-social behaviour.

  • Neglected empty properties can become eyesores and have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood.

  • Empty properties can discourage further investment in areas, leading to economic decline and for adjacent property values to fall and remain low.

  • A reduction in the housing stock available to the people of Sheffield, at a time when increasing numbers of people are in need of a home. This can potentially result in more 'greenfield' development as housing pressure increases.

We aim to reduce the level of nuisance caused by empty properties and to improve areas by encouraging the owners of empty properties to bring them back into use.

In doing so, we can:

  • Increase the supply of much-needed housing

  • Reduce homelessness

  • Contribute to the regeneration of an area

  • Help to create sustainable communities

  • Respond positively to public concerns

  • Reduce the need for 'greenfield' development



We also hold various powers of enforcement that enable us, in certain circumstances, to action aimed at dealing with the negative effects commonly caused by empty properties, including:

  • Dealing with fly-tipping of food waste packaging or soft furnishings which could harbour vermin

  • Empty properties which are insecure and easily accessible

  • Empty properties which have become an eyesore

  • Empty properties with defective above-ground drainage

  • Hazards which may affect the health and safety of visitors or future occupants


Contact us

Contact us for further information about our work with privately-owned empty properties.

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