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Sustainable Policies

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We have a number of policies in place that make the city more sustainable and will help us meet our carbon reduction targets as well as tackling fuel policy. The policies are explained below and attached at the bottom of the page.

Environmentally Sustainable Housing Strategy

In 2006 we introduced the Environmentally Sustainable Housing Strategy. This strategy aimed to increase the sustainability of new housing in the city. This strategy will be implemented in all housing on Housing Market Renewal (HMR) sites.

The main features of this strategy are:

  1. establishing high baseline environmental sustainability standards

  2. showcasing renewable/low carbon energy and high environmental standards in mainstream housing

  3. support for innovation, profile-raising and ‘exemplar’ initiatives

  4. promotion and awareness raising

  5. strengthening local expertise/resources and strategic partnerships.

  6. setting strong planning framework policies.


Original standards

All housing built on HMR site originally had to achieve:

  • EcoHomes of at least ‘Very Good’

  • minimum energy rating of SAP 95 or NHER 9.0

  • use of ‘A’ or ‘B’ rated specifications from the BRE Guide to Green Building
  • an initial requirement for showcasing renewable and low carbon energy will aim to achieve at least 10% usage for sites where showcasing is included in conditional sales agreements.

Attachment name: Environmentally Sustainable Housing Strategy


Updated standards

The standards of this strategy has recently been updated to keep up with legislation and to ensure our standards are still ahead of Building Regulations. The new standards are:

  • Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 (minimum)
  • minimum energy rating of SAP 88 or NHER 11
  • use of 'A, B or C' rated materials from the BRE Green Guide to Housing specification
  • minimum 10% reduction in carbon emissions through the use of on-site renewable energy
  • use of environmental sustainability features.


De-centralised Energy City

This paper sets out Sheffield’s ambition to be the UK’s first decentralised energy city. The proposition set out here is led by the City Council in partnership with E.ON, bringing together a strong public/private partnership approach.

Attachment name: De-centralised Energy



Sheffield Carbon Reduction Framework

This framework sets out how everyone in Sheffield can take action to reduce their carbon emissions, whether as individuals, businesses or public sector and voluntary partners.

Attachment names: Carbon Reduction Action Plan, Report on Sheffield Carbon Reduction Framework, Carbon Reduction Action Plan, Carbon Reduction Framework (different from the previous file).


Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Ths strategy explains the importance of climate change adaptation for the city of Sheffield and aims to identify the primary challenges we have identified posed by a changing climate to the city and to the delivery of services. It also aims to set out the approach to developing the Strategy and the associated Action Plan.

Attachment name: Climate Change Adaption Strategy


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