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The Big Sheffield Spring Switch

Register now for our new Big Sheffield Switch.

The auction will take place towards the end of February and you will be able to switch between 2nd and 22nd March.

Make sure you've got the best deal for your gas and electricity.

In our third auction in the Summer of 2014 households that switched saved on average £220 a year, with some saving over £500. 

Remember, as well as seeing the winning tariff, you will also be able to compare against the other leading tariffs (including green tariffs) so you can pick the best deal for you.

If you signed up last time but didn't switch, you'll need to register again for this auction.


Collective switching

To get a good price for energy, you need to regularly review your supplier. By shopping around jointly with other customers, you can potentially negotiate an even better deal.

This is called collective switching.


Buying power

Households in and around Sheffield sign up. Then our energy partner, The Energy Helpline, runs an online energy auction with UK energy suppliers. 

The more households who sign up, the more buying power the scheme has. This means that together we can get even better energy deals for you.


When you sign up

The energy suppliers bid for your custom by offering their cheapest and best tariff.  The best value providers will be chosen and those deals will be offered to all those who signed up.

You are under no obligation to switch energy supplier. When you get your offer you can choose to accept it or not depending upon if it works for you.


Register today

Register your details today and find out more about collective switching and how you could benefit.

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