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Voluntary sector support and funding

Our Ward Pot small grants and funding for local community organisations.

If you are not a voluntary, community or faith sector group, but require a grant, please look at our information about other funding for housing, care, businesses, social enterprises and individuals.


Advice and support for voluntary groups

South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB)

SYFAB provide free advice to voluntary, community and faith groups about where to apply for appropriate funding for local projects. 

SYFAB provides:

Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS)

VAS is a charity that supports the local voluntary and community sector.  They provide:

VAS also provide:

Volunteer Centre Sheffield

The Volunteer Centre assists:

  • individuals wishing to volunteer
  • community organisations looking for volunteers

Voluntary Sector Liason Team

Our Voluntary Sector Liaison Team provides information about our Lunch Club Grant Funds and Voluntary Sector Grants Fund.

Telephone: 0114 2734631

Contracts and Partnership Team

Our Contracts and Partnership Team act as an 'accountable body' for a wide range of externally funded programmes.

Telephone: 0114 2735220


Help Yourself Directory

Help Yourself is an online directory of voluntary, community and faith sector, and health and social care organisations in Sheffield. 

There are over 5,000 entries covering:

  • leisure - art, music, sport

  • environment

  • housing and welfare

  • care and support

  • education, training and employment

Add your community group.

Amend your community group's information.


Local grant-giving organisations

The following organisations award grants to local voluntary, community and faith groups which fit the relevant criteria. 

These grants (except for the Church Burgesses Educational Foundation) are not available to individuals.

South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF)

SYCF aims to improve lives in the community through raising funds from businesses, philanthropists, trusts and statutory bodies.  They then offer various grant funds for community groups at different times. 

Sheffield Town Trust

The Sheffield Town Trust distributes about £400,000 per year to groups and organisations ‘for charitable and public purposes’ for the benefit of Sheffield and its inhabitants.  The Trustees meet 4 times per year.

Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust

Funding is awarded for ecclesiastical, educational and other charitable work to groups in Sheffield from the Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust

They also have the Church Burgesses Educational Foundation which is open to individuals as well as organisations.

J G Graves Charitable Trust

This local charity awards grants to disadvantaged groups, community-based projects and facilities, and activities to improve quality of life and the heritage of Sheffield.  The Trustees of the J G Graves Charitable Trust meet 4 times per year.

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