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Grants Fund

Corporate Grant Aid

The purpose of Corporate Grant Aid is to make grants available to local voluntary sector organisations who deliver services and activities, in line with our current priorities.

It is one way we work with, and support, the Voluntary Community and Faith (VCF) sector in the city. Other ways include the co-production and co-delivery of services, which we achieve by problem solving together.

Our Voluntary Sector Grants Fund, which is the major part of our Corportae Grant Aid, is currently under review.


Tell us what you think 

Consultation is now being carried out online until 5 September.

Read an Information note about the 2016 proposals

Read more about the 2014 consultation

A face to face consultation meeting with representatives of Voluntary Sector organisations was held on Tuesday 9 August.

A presentation, which includes the following, is available to download below::

  • the proposals

  • the application criteria and assessment process

  • a further short questionnaire on some additional points for consultation.


If you would like to submit your views on the additional consultation points, please complete the form below and email back to by 5 September at the latest.


Projects that grant aid supports

The other part of the pot supports Lunch Clubs for older people

One of the key messages that came out of the 2014 consultation was the support for prioritising activity around Tackling Poverty and Increasing Social Justice and an interest in work that is preventative.

The 'Tackling Poverty Strategy' has now been developed and adopted.

Our Corporate Plan includes the Tackling Poverty Strategy is linked to the corporate priority of 'Tackling Inequalities'.

In terms of preventative activity around health and wellbeing, in 2015, an outcomes framework called 'People Keeping Well in their Community' was developed with the VCF sector and NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group.

Now these strategies and outcomes are in place, we will be completing the Grant Aid review in 2016 and launching a new fund in the autumn.


Further information and comments

If you have any comments please email

Further information on Corporate Grant Aid will be added when it becomes available.


Current situation

Due to the continuation of the Grant Aid review in 2015, the grants awarded in 2014-15 were broadly continued.

To see details of the groups funded and any changes to their funding please see the February 2015 cabinet report.


Priorities for funding

Priorities for funding in 2015-16 were the same as 2014-15 and grouped into the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Tackling poverty and promoting social justice.
  • Theme 2: Supporting the local Voluntary Sector to thrive and deliver.
  • Theme 3: Promoting social and financial inclusion

Grants awarded from the Voluntary Sector Grants Fund in 2014-15   

Grant Aid - Cabinet Report 2014-15)

The intention for 2016-17 is to extend current grant awards once more; and there is no intention to reduce the Grant Aid budget.


Annual Reports

There are 2 documents which cover the impact of the Corporate Grant Aid investment in 2014-15:

  • The first document covers grant awards made from the Voluntary Sector Grants Fund
  • the second covers the awards made to lunch clubs from the Fund in 2014-15

Download and read information about

  • the impact of this investment in 2014-15 and
  • (the grants awarded and the beneficiary profile of the fund.:

(Awards to voluntary organisations from the Voluntary Sector Grants Fund are listed, by theme):

Voluntary Sector Grants Fund Annual Report 2014-15)  

Appendix 1 Awards 2015-16

Download and read our Annual Report for the 2014-15 Lunch Clubs Fund which supported 60 lunch clubs:

Lunch Club Fund Annual Report 2014-15


Contact us

For any other information, please contact the Voluntary Sector Liaison Team:


Telephone: 0114 2734631

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