Sell your residential property to us

If you would like to sell your property to us please take a look at the scheme information. You can then download our application questionnaire and return it to our Houses into Homes team. 

Property condition

We will consider properties in any state of repair, as long as the sale price reflects the level of work required and it is within the price range we are able to pay for it. If the property is eligible for the scheme, we will carry out a property inspection to determine the level of improvement works required.

Property type

Generally, we will consider all property types in all areas of Sheffield. However, we are ideally looking to buy 2-bed family houses or larger in areas where we know there is good rental demand for Council properties.  We may also consider flats and maisonettes in Council-owned blocks.

We are unable to consider properties that are occupied by tenants. We will only arrange inspection and valuation visits for properties that are either empty or occupied by the owner.

Property location

We will ideally be looking at areas where there is high demand for affordable rented accommodation.  It is likely that these will be areas where we already have housing stock.

Property price

As a guide, we will be looking to spend up to around:

  • £80,000 on 2-bed properties
  • £90,000 on 3-bed properties
  • up to £125,000 on 4-bed properties

This price will include any refurbishment works that the property may need to bring it up a rentable standard. We will assess the financial viability of each property by looking at the property value, the potential improvement costs and the anticipated rental income.

Property valuation

We will instruct a valuation to be carried out for the property.  You are free to instruct your own valuation if you wish, at your own cost. We would then negotiate a purchase price based on these valuations.  We will always offer the market value for the property where we can afford to do so.

Purchase process

We are a chain-free cash buyer, which will normally make the process a little simpler and quicker. We will be able to provide information on individual timescales during the process.

Property sale

If you contact us to offer us your property, any subsequent sale will be direct with ourselves.  No agent or middleman will be involved, unless you have an agent and instruct us to deal with them. If your property is already advertised with an agent and you sell to us without their involvement you will need to check the terms of your contract with the agent for any fees payable.

We will buy your property from you in the same way as any other private buyer, and so we will not pay any additional costs. This scheme should not be mistaken for our other acquisition schemes where home loss payments or similar are due to owners (for example, demolition and regeneration schemes).

Marketing your property

Selling your property to us is no different from selling to a private buyer.  Applying to sell to us does not prevent you from advertising it for sale with an agent. You are advised to seek independent legal advice and employ the services of an appropriate solicitor.  The terms of the sale will take precedence over these guidance notes and any other communications to you by us.

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Is this page helpful?