Indices of Deprivation

The Indices of Deprivation are published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). They were first produced in 2004; with the latest edition published in September 2015.

The indices show comparative levels of deprivation across England at a small area level called Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs).  Therefore, they are a measure of deprivation relative to other areas rather than an absolute measure of deprivation. 

The data has both a score and ranking for every LSOA: the higher the score the greater the level of deprivation.  For rankings, one is the most deprived LSOA.

The indices are produced for a number of domains, including:

  • income
  • employment
  • health and disability
  • education, skills and training
  • barriers to housing and services
  • crime
  • living environment

These 7 domains combined and weighted produce an overall index of multiple deprivation.

Community Knowledge Profiles

The Community Knowledge Profiles are a series of reports about different communities in Sheffield, looking topics such as demographics, language, employment, education, health and housing.

Our managers and staff will use this information in planning and delivering the services we provide. If you would like to see this information please contact us.