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North East

Burngreave • Firth Park • Shiregreen & Brightside • Southey

About Local Area Committees (LAC)

Local Area Committees give you the chance to raise your views, share your opinion on what the council does in your area and contribute to making changes in your neighbourhood. 

As a resident of North East Sheffield, this is your opportunity to say what you would like to see improved.

Latest news and meeting updates

Your Local Area Committee (LAC) will be meeting to discuss how to go about turning its new community plan into actions that address local priorities.

North East (Burngreave, Firth Park, Shiregreen & Brightside and Southey) LAC meeting details:

26 July 2022, 5pm to 7pm.
Venue to be confirmed.

You can call North East LAC on 0114 474 3610 or email us at

You can get the details of future meetings emailed straight to you, along with other local information, by signing up below.

Community Plan

There’s now a Community Plan for North East Sheffield. This maps out the area’s priorities and how they will be tackled. 

You can read a summary of the plan online. 

You can read the full North East Sheffield community plan online.

You can request a paper copy or a large-print copy by calling 0114 474 3610 or emailing

How you can get involved

We want to enable as many Sheffielders as possible to be involved, from all sectors of the community.

To receive LAC information by post or in alternative formats, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility of meetings or events, please contact the team using the details below. 

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Phone our LAC office on 0114 474 3610


Map of Sheffield showing the seven LAC areas and the council wards within the LACs

Street in north east area

About North East LAC

The North East is made up of 4 wards: Burngreave, Firth Park, Shiregreen & Brightside and Southey.

There are 93,749 people living in the North East area of the city. The area has a diverse population of people with different cultural backgrounds, languages, ethnicities, and religions.

The area has some large open green spaces and well used parks, such as Firth Park, Concord and Abbeyfield, some of which have historical features. The area has thriving busy local shopping centres such as Firth Park, Spital Hill and Kilner Way with lots of residents choosing to shop locally in their neighbourhoods. 

The area has large social housing estates that are well established with residents living in the area for many years and generations of the same families remaining there. 




The area has a population of 93,749 residents.

Councillor Gary Weatherall

Chair: Councillor Garry Weatherall

“I have served on the Council now for twenty years and have plenty of experience to share.  I’m passionate about the things I do and a desire to help and work with others and I care about the people I serve. I look forward to working with local people and groups to decide how services can be provided to meet their needs. 

My parents (particularly my mother) were both community activists and I was exposed to local issues, tensions, and benefits from a very early age. With such a strong grounding, I developed my own interest, passion and enthusiasm for both community and politics. Outside of being a councillor I serve as trustee on a local ‘church based’ charity within the area as well as a trustee on the Sheffield Church Burgesses Educational Charity.”

Councillor Talib Hussain

Ward pot funding 

Grants are available to local voluntary, community and self-help groups and projects that want to make a difference in their community. If your organisation can contribute to your local area, you may be eligible for funding.

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