The way the Council makes decisions is changing. Following the Governance referendum in 2021, we are moving from a Leader and Cabinet model to a more modern Committee System of governance.

The new Committee System will be in place from May 2022.

We are England’s first Core City to do this and we want to work with everyone in Sheffield to make this successful.

Latest updates on moving to a new system

What we've done recently:
  • we’ve held 5 public events around Sheffield and online for people to help us design a new system. All the feedback so far has been heard by the council’s Governance Committee in its ongoing inquiry. As well as providing all kinds of ideas and options for members to consider, councillors completely reshaped the ‘design principles’ in response to people’s feedback
  • we’re working with Involve, a leading public participation charity, on the next phase of our public and stakeholder engagement. Involve held two meetings with stakeholders in December to help them plan for the new year
  • Our Governance Committee is holding an inquiry to design the future system. It started by agreeing a lot of questions which need answering in order to design the new committee system. Since then three meetings have been held to gather evidence:

How we will make decisions under the new system 

Exactly how the new Committee System functions has not been decided. We are consulting with the general public and a range of organisations to work out the best option for Sheffield.

How we will move to the new committee system

We need to have the new system fully in place by May 2022. In preparation for this:

  • we’re speaking to people from across the city to find out more about how they would like to work with the committees
  • we’ve set up four Transitional Committees to help us work in a system where the views of all political parties represented on Sheffield City Council are taken into consideration when setting policy for the council

The Transitional Committees have been set up on the following themes:

  1. Our Council
  2. Communities and Neighbourhoods
  3. Climate Change, Economy and Development 
  4. Education, Health and Care.

The Transitional Committees are only advisory and do not have any decision- making authority. They make recommendations to the Co-operative Executive, which will remain in place until the new Committee System comes into effect in May 2022. In the meantime, the Transitional Committees will help us to understand how the new committees can function most effectively.

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Get involved

While we’re designing the new Committee System, we want to hear the views of Sheffielders and stakeholder groups.

We’re running a series of engagement sessions, including in-person and online events from October to December 2021.

There will be further opportunities after May 2022 to give us your views on how the new Committee System is working. 

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Governance Committee

We have set up a Governance Committee to oversee the work. The Committee’s first meeting was held in September 2021 and monthly meetings will continue spring 2022.  The meetings are open to the public to attend in person or watch online, either live or by video which gets uploaded within a day of meeting finishing.

Local Area Committees

Alongside this change to a more modern Committee System of governance at city level, we have set up seven Local Area Committees (LACs). The LACs provide the people of Sheffield with a louder voice in local decision-making.

Our constitution and how we operate

You can find out how we operate and read our full constitution.