The way the Council makes decisions is changing. Following the result of the Governance referendum on the 6 May 2021, we are moving from a Leader and Cabinet model to a Committee System of governance.

We are the first Core City to do this and we want to work with everyone in Sheffield to make this successful.

How the Council operates now

Full Council

  • meeting of all 84 Councillors, chaired by the Lord Mayor
  • makes important decisions, such as setting the Council's budget
  • meetings are open to the public

Co-operative Executive

  • meeting of the Leader and 9 Executive Members
  • takes decisions on the most significant issues facing the City Council, policies and strategies
  • meetings are open to the public


  • Overview, Scrutiny and Policy Development Committees
  • Regulatory Committees
  • Audit and Standards Committee
  • additional committees

Partnership Boards

  • Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Joint Commissioning Committee Sheffield City Council and National Health Service Clinical Commissioning Group
  • South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee
  • Executive Committee and Joint Advisory Committee for the South Yorkshire Archaeology Service
  • South Yorkshire Joint Advisory Committee on Archives
  • Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Broadband Joint Committee
  • Sheffield and Rotherham Emergency Planning Joint Committee
  • South Yorkshire Trading Standards Joint Committee

How we will make decisions under the new system 

How our committees work will be based on what residents, partner organisations and community groups tell us they would like. However, under a typical Committee System:

  • all decisions are taken by cross-party committees of councillors
  • committees are themed around specific areas (eg social care)
  • major decisions are made by a separate committee (of the chairs of the ‘thematic’ committees)
  • decisions cannot be made by individual councillors
  • there’s no requirement for an overview and scrutiny process, although there is a process for decisions to be reviewed

How we will move to the new committee system

We need to have the new system fully in place by May 2022. In preparation for this we will be:

  • speaking to people from across the city to find out more about how they would like to work with the committees
  • setting up four Transitional Committees to help us work in a system where all Political Parties’ views are taken into consideration when setting policy for the Council: 
  1. Our Council
  2. Communities and Neighbourhoods
  3. Climate Change, Economy and Development 
  4. Education, Health and Care

Where we are now

Work is underway to move to the new committee system. We are:

  • planning our engagement with communities and conversations with people from right across the city to know more about how they would like to work with the committees 
  • explaining how the Council is managed now
  • setting up committees that will help us to move from where we are now to where we need to be, called Transitional Committees
  • setting up a Governance Committee to oversee the work

When is this happening

  • engagement to start in August 2021
  • Transitional Committees will be in place from September 2021 until May 2022
  • new committees to be in place by May 2022

Get involved

We are soon going to be speaking to people in the city to understand how they would like to work with us to help design the new Committee System.

We will share more information about how this will work over the summer of 2021. For more information please contact us at