Gail Smith is the 124th Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Councillor Gail Smith and Consort Mr Stephen Smith

I was born in Handsworth, Sheffield. The 7th child. My mother was a stay-at-home mum and my father was a works manager in various steel works. My favourite subjects at school were sport and history.

I love that I came from a large family, my elder brothers and sisters taught me such a lot. As a young child I would listen to them sat around the table with my father debating the news or politics of the day, I did not know then, but it was a learning curve for my future life as a politician. 

I got married to Stephen in 1981. We first lived in Woodhouse where Stephen grew up, then moved to Mosborough in 1992.

Stephen is retired now but worked as a mechanic mending lorries. His passion is Sheffield Wednesday, a place where most of his family worked, so when he was old enough, he worked as a steward there alongside his uncles. He also loves sailing.

My 3 chosen charities for this year are Friends Hi5s. The Salvation Army (as my mother always told me, if you never support any other charity, give to the Salvation Army, they saved your grandad in the first world war). My 3rd charity is the Sheffield Hospitals Charity. As someone who has worked in the NHS and as someone who has been a patient, I have a lot to thank them for.

I have a dog, Charlie, who is my best friend and he keeps me active.

I have lived in Sheffield all my life. I am passionate about my city and so proud to represent all the people who live here. 

My year as Lord Mayor will be very much a family affair. As well as my husband Stephen supporting me, my daughters will also share that roll. 

We are up for a challenge and we are looking forward to meeting some amazing people as we work around the city. 

I trained to be a nurse in Sheffield from the age of 17 at King Edward VII Hospital. Then worked in other hospitals in Sheffield. In 1977 I was the first nurse ever to work at Orgreave Coking Plant and, yes, I was there during the troubles.

I have 2 daughters, Rachael and Elizabeth. I was lucky to be a stay-at-home Mum and that’s when I got involved in the local community.   

I was first elected to the Council in 1992. Since then, I have held many posts:

Chair of the Environment committee, Leisure Chair, Cabinet member for Health and, the hardest job on the Council, Chief Whip

My passion is young people. I set up a charity to support young people with learning disabilities, in a youth club setting. We take them on holiday every year, usually to an outward-bound centre. I am passionate about all young people and even more so after this long lockdown.

I want to use my year as Lord Mayor to bring people together and to say thank you to all the marvellous people who have kept us safe by working through-out the pandemic.

Inviting the Lord Mayor to an event

Please contact the Lord Mayor’s Office if you would like to invite the Lord Mayor to an event. If you are sending an invite in the post or by email please include appropriate details such as the date, time, place and type of event.        

The Lord Mayor has a full programme of civic engagements and it is not always possible to fit in events at short notice.

Protocol for organisers of functions to be attended by the Lord Mayor


The Lord Mayor should be addressed as:

  • The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Sheffield (name of current Lord Mayor)


The Local Government Acts provide that the Lord Mayor shall have precedence in all places in the city, except when either the Lord Lieutenant or a member of the Royal Family is present.

In any seating arrangement, except when the Lord Mayor occupies the chair, the place reserved for the Lord Mayor should be on the immediate right of the person presiding.


The responsible person should meet the Lord Mayor at the entrance on arrival and introduce him to the Host.

The Lord Mayor will usually be accompanied by a Chauffeur / Attendant who is required to remain on duty within easy call by the Lord Mayor.


If the Lord Mayor is required to speak at any function, except for an introduction, it is normal for him to be the first speaker or associated with the first toast, and his consent to speak should be sought well in advance.

All relevant information concerning the event should be supplied to the Assistant to the Lord Mayor together with details of any activity involving the Lord Mayor, for his agreement.

Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund

Charitable donations are given to the Lord Mayor from various individuals and organisations throughout the year. These are controlled by the Lord Mayor’s Office acknowledging donations, banking the money and keeping appropriate records. This year the money collected in the Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund will benefit:

How to donate to the Lord Mayor's Charity Fund

You can donate to the Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund via:

Barclays Bank
Pinstone Street
S1 1UJ

Sheffield City Council, Lord Mayor's Fund

Sort code: 20-77-18 

Account number: 63672913

Please add your name and reference to any donation.

Or send a cheque payable to 'The Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund' to our address.

Fundraising events

The Lord Mayor is completing a skydive on 4 March to raise funds for the Lord Mayor's Charity Fund. Donations can be made on the GoFundMe website.

Contact Lord Mayor's Office

Lord Mayor's Office Town Hall Pinstone Street Sheffield S1 2HH