We worked with individuals and the voluntary, community and faith sector to set up a voice and influence network for under-represented communities in Sheffield. Launched in 2014, the Equality Hub Network brings communities and decision makers together to work for positive change on issues of equality and diversity. 

The Network is made up of the following Equality Hubs based on protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010:

  • Age Hub (intergenerational)
  • BAMER Hub (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee)
  • Carers' Hub
  • Disability Hub (all impairments)
  • LGBT+ Hub (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, other sexual orientations and gender identities)
  • Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub (includes no religious belief)
  • Women's Hub

Through the Equality Hub Network Board, cross Hub Working Groups and events, the Network provides many opportunities to explore commonalities and encourage joint working.

Grants supporting the Equality Hubs

The Equality and Fairness Grants 2017-20 Fund is specifically for coordinating each of the Equality Hubs (excluding the Carers’ Hub, which is included in the Carers' Contract). The fund ensures effectiveness and enables joint working.

The grants recipients, amounts awarded and their corresponding Equality Hubs are:

  • Age Hub: Age UK (£11,250) and Sheffield Futures (£3,725)
  • BAMER Hub: FaithStar Foundation (£15,000)
  • Disability Hub: Disability Sheffield (£15,000)
  • LGBT+ Hub: LGBT Sheffield (£10,000)
  • Belief and/or Religion Hub: Sheffield Faiths Together (£10,000)
  • Women’s Hub: Together Women (£10,000)