Our Employment and Skills team works to help create a vibrant economy where employment rates are high, businesses are competitive, people have the right skills and work is the best route out of poverty.

We work to makes a significant contribution to the delivery of Sheffield’s Employment Strategy.

Grants for employers if your company is based in South Yorkshire, has no more than 100 employees and you haven’t recruited more than 2 apprentices in the past year, may be available for up to £2,420 towards the cost of recruiting and training an apprentice. Depending on circumstances, you may be able to apply for up to 4 grants.

How we can help

We work with:

  • employers to help them recruit, train and develop the workforce they need to be competitive and successful
  • partners to develop, fund, commission and provide employment related support that helps individuals find, get and keep jobs

If you want help finding work contact us.

What we do to help

The key projects that we deliver include: 

  • Skills Made Easy - support Sheffield City Region’s SMEs recruit apprentices and improve workforce skills
  • Sheffield 100 Apprenticeship Programme - support Sheffield’s SMEs with a wage subsidy for new apprentices
  • Employability Programme – support vulnerable people to overcome personal and practical barriers and move into sustainable work
  • Employment and Skills in Procurement and Planning – ensure that employment and skills are included in all our contracts and planning agreements where appropriate
  • work experience – set up, organise and support work experience opportunities for 14 to 16 year olds in Sheffield schools
  • Learning disabilities – create routes to sustainable employment for adults with learning disabilities
  • information and analysis – provide information and data to support funding bids and programme development for ourselves and our partners

Employment & skills in procurement & planning

We make sure that employment and skills are included wherever possible and appropriate in all our contracts and planning agreements.

We work with planners and procurement professionals to ensure that opportunities are fully utilised to support the local economy, open up job opportunities for local people, or improve the skills of local workers when we buy goods or services.

Employment & Skills Team

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