Have your say in how customer services and equalities are managed. This group is the key consultation, performance and joint decision making body. 

What do we do?

  • discuss, debate and devise policies
  • co-ordinate wider consultation with tenants and other stakeholders
  • make decisions to improve service and performance
  • analyse and debate financial and budgetary implications for the service
  • make recommendations to the Senior Partnership Group to influence decision making at a higher level
  • review and monitor existing service performance
  • share good practice and network
  • develop you knowledge of the service so that it can be shared with the wider tenant movement
  • flag up issues and concerns to Senior Partnership Group with a view to triggering tenant scrutiny

Each of the partnership groups needs to have representation from the following:

  • TARA representatives – preferably at least one from each of the housing management areas
  • representatives from the Talk2SheffieldHomes database
  • staff members – unit manager plus front line staff members
  • Choices not Barriers member
  • BME Planning Group member
  • leaseholder

Please contact us for more information.

Customer Services

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