The Corporate Plan sets out our direction and prioritie and helps us to focus our activity, which is particularly important in times of limited resources. It also shows how, together, we are all working towards common goals.

Local government is changing, but we have bold ambitions for Sheffield. Our aspiration is to be the best we can be – as individuals and communities, as a council and as a city. To do this we must deliver our promises and meet our challenges. As Government funding changes what we are able to do ourselves, working with others will be critical to achieve this.

The plan is structured around the 5 priorities of the administration that capture our long term ambitions for Sheffield:

  • an in-touch organisation
  • strong economy
  • thriving neighbourhoods and communities
  • better health and wellbeing
  • tackling inequalities

But this plan is not just about the council, it is about what we want to achieve for Sheffield, together with residents, businesses and partners.