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Last updated Wednesday 21 October 2020 1.05pm


Latest government guidance

Sheffield will move into 'very high' (tier 3) restrictions on Saturday 24 October. We are awaiting full information on further restrictions, closures and support for businesses.

We will update this page with that information as soon as we can. You can find out more about what very high restrictions mean on gov.uk.


Reopening and staying open

We advise all businesses to follow government advice for reopening and to keep up to date with the latest guidance in order to stay open as the situation changes. 

Hospitality businesses guidance

We're working closely with our partners as the circumstances for the hospitality sector continue to change.

Sheffield will move into 'very high' restrictions on Saturday 24 October. We are reviewing and updating our guidance for hospitality business and will have a revised version available as soon as possible.



Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

You are eligible for a loan if your business:

To apply for a loan you should contact your business bank.


Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan Scheme

Helps small and medium-sized businesses to borrow between £2,000 and £50,000.

  • no fees or interest to pay for the first 12 months
  • loan terms up to 6 years

You cannot apply if you’re already claiming under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS).

If you’ve already received a loan of up to £50,000 under CBILS and would like to transfer it into the Bounce Back Loan scheme, you can arrange this with your lender until 4 November 2020

The scheme ends on 30th November 2020.

Rent relief for council business and community tenants

Rent relief is only available for non-residential council tenants. If you are not a council tenant please do not contact us.

We're providing the following support for council business renters during the pandemic:

Arrears enforcement

  • we have suspended enforcement action for arrears under 90 days until 23 August 2020


Action is delegated to the Chief Property Officer on a case by case basis for:

  • Ground rents, 
  • Agricultural rents, 
  • Telecoms rents and payments
  • and any other property type not covered above

Service charges

  • will be reduced for tenants where possible to reflect reduced costs of operating buildings (eg due to business closures)
  • service charges need to be paid in full unless a deferral is specifically authorised by the Chief Property Officer

We will assess each application on an individual basis, taking into account:

  • the type of business and its circumstances
  • whether it has been told to close by the Government
  • if it is affected by any general restrictions on businesses or movement.

Council tenants of commercial retail, food and beverage and leisure premises

  • Rents & Service Charges will be deferred until 29 September 2020 (ie the June quarter for rent)
  • all deferrals will be subject to application and assessment

Council tenants of commercial industrial, office and workshop premises

  • rent and service charges can be deferred until 29 September 2020 (ie the June quarter for rent)
  • all deferrals will be subject to application and assessment

Voluntary/community groups on leases, tenancies or licences with the council

  •  a further period of rent suspension to 29 September 2020 (ie the June quarter for rent)


Support measures

Business rates holiday

Businesses entitled to a rate holiday are:

  • any property in the retail, hospitality or leisure sector
  • Ofsted registered nurseries 

Many businesses will have no rates to pay in 2020/21

For those businesses with a charge to pay:

For business rates advice contact business.rates@sheffield.gov.uk.


Charities support

The Charity Commission has produced advice for the charity sector.

Applications to the Coronavirus Community Support Fund are now closed but the National Lottery Community Fund is continuing to fund projects and organisations supporting communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Income tax deferral

Income tax self-assessment payments due on 31 July 2020 have been deferred until 31 Jan 2021


Job Support Scheme

The Job Support Scheme has been set-up to:

  • protect viable jobs in businesses facing lower demand over the winter months due to Covid-19
  • help keep their employees attached to the workforce

The scheme will open on 1 November 2020 and run for 6 months.

How it works

The company will continue to pay its employee for time worked. The employee will keep their job.

The cost of hours not worked will be split between:

  • the employer, 
  • the government (through wage support) 
  • and the employee (through a wage reduction)

The Government will pay a third of hours not worked up to a cap, with the employer also contributing a third.

This will ensure employees earn a minimum of 77% of their normal wages, where the Government contribution has not been capped.

Employers using the Job Support Scheme will also be able to claim the Job Retention Bonus if they meet the eligibility criteria.


Self-employed people

Applications for the second round are open.

You may be able to claim against the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme if you:

  • are self employed or a member of a partnership
  • and adversely affected by covid-19 on or after 14 July 2020

The end date for claims is on or before 19 October 2020.


Statutory Sick Pay Relief

Changes have been made to Statutory Sick Pay so that people suffering from coronavirus can take the necessary time off to stay at home or to prevent it's spread:

  • employers with fewer than 250 employees will be able to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay for employees unable to work because of coronavirus
  • this refund will be for up to 2 weeks per employee


VAT deferral scheme

The VAT payments deferral scheme ended on 30 June 2020.

Businesses who deferred VAT due between 20 March and 20 June can now opt-in to:

  • pay in smaller payments over a longer period
  • take up to end of March 2022 to pay in full

Those that can pay their deferred VAT can do so by 31 March 2021.

If you are still unable to pay the VAT due and need more time contact the HMRC Coronavirus helpline on 0300 200 3835.

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