Community Support Service Helpline

Do you or someone you know need emergency food, medicine or general support?
Call the Community Support Service helpline on 0114 273 4567.

We're working very closely with our NHS partners, care providers and the voluntary and community sector in Sheffield to meet urgent needs for health and social care support for people in our communities.

We are also following the Government’s rules on social distancing, shielding and self-isolating. If these rules mean we need to change, delay or cancel services, we will make sure you have alternative care and support to meet your needs.

This support might be provided:

  • in your own home rather than in a community setting
  • by a different support provider
  • by telephone or online
  • through one of the many mutual aid groups or community hubs in the city

If you receive Council-arranged care and support at home

Home care providers are:

  • working hard to provide care and support for everyone who needs it
  • following Government guidance on how to work safely

GOV.UK: COVID-19: guidance on home care provision.

GOV.UK: COVID-19: how to work safely in domiciliary care in England

Providers might need to make some changes to the time and frequency of visits during the epidemic, so they can support as many people as possible. They won’t make any changes without talking with you first.

If you’d prefer to be supported by family, friends or neighbours

Contact us on 0114 273 4908 and we'll update your support plan.

We’ll make sure you know who to contact to resume Council-arranged care and support after the crisis period ends, or if your family, friends or neighbours are unable to continue to provide support.

Please be aware that it may take us some time to find a new care and support provider (unless you need urgent care and support) and that your resumed care and support may be provided by a different provider.

If you arrange care and support yourself through an agency

If the agency you usually use is unable to provide the care and support you need, please contact us on 0114 273 4908.

If you receive a direct payment, or work as a Personal Assistant

If you receive a direct payment to arrange your own care and support, Disability Sheffield has lots of information about support during the epidemic.

Disability Sheffield

The Government has also published guidance for people receiving direct payments.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for people receiving direct payments

Disability Sheffield has set up a COVID-19 PA register to hold the details of PA's and other support workers (eg from day services) who are available for work and to match people in need of support with a potential PA.

COVID-19 PA register

If you’re a PA and you’re not able to work with the people you usually support during this time, you might like to add yourself to the register.

If you’re discharged from hospital

It’s our priority to make sure that you’re discharged safely home from hospital.

Your health team will discuss discharge and transport arrangements with you (and anyone else you’d like to be involved).

If you need care and support when you get home, we’ll arrange this.

If your needs are too great to return to your own home, we will arrange for you to be discharged to another care setting. You might not be able to choose where you go to, but once you’ve left hospital we’ll work with you and people who support you to make sure we find the right place for you to be.

If you live in residential or nursing care

Residential and nursing care providers are:

  • working hard to provide care and support for everyone who needs it.
  • following Government guidance for care homes

Coronavirus (COVID-19): admission and care of people in care homes.

GOV.UK: COVID-19: how to work safely in care homes

Government rules mean your family or friends might not be able to visit you. Staff in your home can support you to keep in touch with people by telephone or online.

If you live in supported accommodation

Supported accommodation providers are following Government guidance to make sure they can continue to provide care and support during this time.

GOV.UK: COVID-19: guidance for supported living provision

If you usually go to day activities

Day activities are closed during lockdown and support is being offered in different ways.

If you usually go to a day service, a worker from the service will talk with you and people who support you about different things you might like to do at home during this time, and any extra support you might need.

We’ll follow government guidance around the safe opening of day activities.

If you provide informal care and support for family, friends or neighbours

If you provide informal care and support for family, friends or neighbours, Sheffield Carers Centre has useful information and advice.

Their services are operating mostly as normal, with their Carer Advice Line (0114 272 8362) available as usual - Monday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm.

Carers UK  have produced lots of information and advice too.

There’s also government guidance for providing unpaid care.

Community equipment loans

British Red Cross Community Equipment Loans Service provides the loan of aids for daily living throughout Sheffield. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they are prioritising requests for equipment to help people to stay safe in their own home.

The service is open 7 days a week to accommodate additional demand. 

Please email for further information

Talking with you about your care and support needs

Where possible, we will talk with you about your care and support needs by telephone or video call during this epidemic. We will still do everything we can to make sure you’re fully involved in the conversation, and we will visit you if we agree that’s the best option.

Most of our conversations will focus on providing information and advice and connecting you to support in your community.

If you have urgent needs for care and support, we’ll talk with you about what needs to happen quickly to meet your needs and keep you safe.

If we are arranging care and support with you during the pandemic, we will focus on the support you need during this time and what you can do within the Government’s restrictions.

Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can't do

When the crisis period ends, we will get back in touch with you to talk more about your needs and what you would like to happen next, and we’ll work with you to develop a longer term support plan, if you still need one.


During the epidemic

  • our duty to keep people safe still remains
  • we’re continuing to respond to concerns about possible abuse or neglect
  • we’re working hard to prevent and reduce the risk of harm to people with care and support needs.

Report adult abuse

Our Care Act duties and the Coronavirus Act

As this situation changes, we may need to take difficult decisions. We can’t rule out that over the coming weeks and months we may need to prioritise resources so that people’s most urgent and acute care and support needs are met, even if this means not meeting some of our statutory duties, or taking longer to meet these duties. 

The Coronavirus Act 2020 gives us powers to streamline present assessment arrangements and prioritise care. These measures are referred to as the Care Act easements. They are temporary, and can only be used if absolutely necessary. Unless we decide to begin exercising the Care Act easements, we will continue to meet people’s eligible needs for care and support.

We can only decide to begin exercising the Care Act easements if the social care workforce is significantly depleted, or demand on social care increased, to an extent that it is no longer reasonably practicable for us to comply with our Care Act duties (as they stand prior to amendment by the Coronavirus Act) and where to continue to try to do so is likely to result in urgent or acute needs not being met, potentially risking life.

If we do begin exercising the Care Act easements we will communicate the decision to care providers and to the people and carers we support, and our full service will be restored as soon as is reasonably possible.

We will do everything we possibly can to avoid exercising the Care Act easements.


We are keen to hear from you during this time. Please let us know if there is something you think we could do better.

If you prefer, you can also contact Healthwatch Sheffield to give feedback about your experience.

Contact Customer Services

0114 273 4567 Monday to Friday 8:45 to 4:45pm

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