Voluntary, community and faith organisations have made a vital contribution by supporting local communities during Covid-19 (coronavirus). If you work for one of these organisations we want to know what funding you need to keep doing this work.

The approach we are taking

If we are going to provide funding, we know that the voluntary, community and faith sector need us to act quickly. To do this we need to understand what organisations are supporting communities to respond to Covid-19 and how much money they need to carry on.

We have made an Expression of Interest Form so you can tell us what your organisation needs.

The information from these forms will be reviewed by a Steering Group that will recommend how funding could be allocated. Voluntary Action Sheffield and Faith Star are members of this group.

Depending on the responses we receive, we are exploring the possibility of providing funding in two stages: 

  1. small pots of money to continue immediate Covid-response activity for three months
  2. funding to provide the infrastructure and systems to enable organisations to work together and collaborate well to enhance the Covid-response, alongside funding for further activity

The current expression of interest form is only to gather information about stage 1 funding needs.

Who we want to hear from

If you are part of a voluntary, community or faith group that has supported us or your community in responding to Covid-19 we want to hear from you.

This is the case if you have been providing food or medicine to vulnerable people. Or if you have been working to raise awareness of Covid-19 in your community and encouraging people to follow guidelines.

What we want to know about you

This is a fact finding exercise and not a competitive process. We don’t expect this to take up lots of your time, we are looking for your key contact details and the type of work you have been and will be doing.

Help us to understand the work you do by telling us:

  • who you are and which community your organisation supports
  • how you are helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • how you will help people in the community be better informed about Covid-19
  • how you will support people to get tested at one of the testing centres in the city
  • how you are supporting people in your community who have been affected by Covid-19
  • the costs of your time and effort

This will help us understand what funding your organisation needs.

Tell us what you do and what funding you need

You can fill in and return the Expression of Interest Form with your details, what work you’ve been doing and what funding you need. All the information you need to complete the form is included.

Please try to answer all of the questions on the form. The more information you can give us, the more confident we can be that any funding process will be fair.

The deadline to send us your form is 15 September 2020.

Once we have received your form we will be in touch with you.

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