The Council has declared a climate emergency and is working towards Sheffield becoming a zero-carbon city by the end of the next decade and playing our full contribution to the Paris Climate Change agreements.

To start the work on becoming a zero-carbon city, a dedicated piece of analysis has been produced by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research that establishes a ‘carbon budget’ for the city.  The report recommends that, in order for Sheffield to make its fair contribution to global climate goals, the city must not exceed a ‘budget’ of 16 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 2 decades. 

At current rates of energy consumption, Sheffield would use this entire budget in less than 6 years. 

The Council has also announced that it will convene a Citizens’ Assembly, representing all parts of the city, to guide our way towards becoming zero carbon. There will be a special role for the next generation with a young people’s Citizens’ Assembly, and wider opportunities for all sectors of the city to contribute to the plan.

Further details about the Citizens’ Assembly and our plans to meet our zero carbon goals will be published here later this year.

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