We signed the Armed Forces Covenant in November 2011 (previously known as the Community Covenant). This Local Covenant complements the National Armed Forces Covenant and is a statement of mutual support between the civilian and local armed forces community. The Armed Forces Community in Sheffield includes:

  • all those who serve or have served in the British Royal Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Merchant Navy
  • cadets and other training groups who aspire to serve their country in the future, including Air, Army and Sea Cadets as well as the Territorial Army
  • reservists, veterans and those who care for, depend on and are close family members of those outlined above

People as young as 17 can be sent on active service so many veterans are younger than people realise, nearly a quarter of people seeking help from the Royal British Legion are under the age of 44.

We do not know exactly the size of the armed forces community in Sheffield, we do know in the last 5 years there has been around 300 people from Sheffield sign up to the armed forces. There are also around 1,300 individuals receiving a Ministry of Defence pension following active service.

The Armed Forces Covenant ensures that services:

  • recognise the contribution made by the armed forces community
  • remember the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces community
  • share knowledge, experience and expertise to provide help and advice to members of the armed forces community
  • encourage the integration from service life into civilian life

The Sheffield Armed Forces Covenant Board is made up of members who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant. The Covenants were signed in 2011 and 2013.

Produced by the Sheffield Armed Forces Covenant Board, the annual newsletter provides a summary of our work in the last year and some information about activities for the year ahead. 

We have also produced a Directory of Local Support, detailing the support available to the local armed forces community. The directory is currently being updated and a revised version will be available later this year.

For enquiries or more information about our work with the Armed Forces Community please contact us.