If you have had a bicycle incident or accident in Sheffield and want to report it, please tell us what happened via our online form so that we can review how to improve cycle safety in the city. If you were injured, you should report your incident to the Police by calling 101.

Why you should tell us

All sorts of cycling incidents can happen: slipping on a wet bend in the road; getting wheels stuck in tram rails; a collision with someone else. Most go unreported. Even if your incident is not serious, we're interested in your story and all the things that may have contributed to what happened. We'll gather the information received and consider how we can improve safety for cyclists in Sheffield. Your information could help prevent a more serious incident.

How we use the information

We'll gather the information received from everyone to produce statistics about cycling incidents. We'll look for patterns - whether there are particular locations, situations and other factors that lead to a higher risk for cyclists. This could help us take action to lower the risk, eg providing information for cyclists or making changes on the roads. You'll be asked on the online form for your name and contact details, in case we need to get more information about your incident. You don't have to give these details, but if you do they will not be made public.

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