Our vision for Adult Social Care is to help you stay ‘Independent, Safe and Well’. 

Adult Health and Social Care Strategy

We are developing a new Adult Health and Social Care Strategy to better represent the achievements and challenges of recent years, and to set out our vision for the next 10 years. Called ‘Living the life you want to live', it’s about how we work together to help the people of Sheffield to live long, healthy and fulfilled lives.

We’ve been working with people across adult social care, including people who use our services and their carers, to develop the strategy. We want to hear from you about what you think are the key, big changes needed in adult health and social care.

You can read our strategy as:

  • a full version
  • an easy read version with more pictures
  • a short summary version (8 pages)
  • an audio summary available on soundcloud

Let us know what you think by emailing information@sheffield.gov.uk or calling us on 0114 273 4119. If you need the document in a different format or language please contact us. 

If there are terms in the guide that you don't understand, you can use Think Local Act Personal's jargon buster to help you read the document.

Our vision for Adult Social Care

We have service ‘themes’ to support this aim which set out:

  • our direction
  • main areas of focus
  • how we can work together to achieve these

The themes are:

Thriving Communities

  • people have public spaces and places to come together and ‘be’ a community – streets, parks, community buildings, online social space, libraries, pubs, cafes, schools, and leisure facilities
  • people enjoy activities, celebrations, and having things to do in their communities – these bring people together, build belonging and strengthen relationships, and help people share what they know
  • people benefit from community infrastructure, action and assets – these include local amenities and services, strong community organisations, community leaders and activists.
  • people are supported to make things happen in their community
  • people feel listened to – there are a variety of opportunities for people and communities to have voice and influence

People Keeping Well

  • people get support, if and when they need it, to maintain or improve their wellbeing, including information, advice, and support to define and achieve wellbeing goals
  • people at risk of declining wellbeing are identified and proactively supported locally to access community assets and support that will help them achieve their wellbeing goals – organisations work together in strong local partnerships to make this work
  • people live in a home that helps them live well – we proactively develop the homes the people of Sheffield need now and in the future
  • people are supported to make informed choices that help them achieve their goals – with supporting resources (people and pounds) being provided where appropriate
  • people can access good quality, innovative, value for money support services; services that help them achieve their wellbeing goals

Active Joined-Up Support

  • people who need short or long-term support are in charge of their own lives. They are the primary decision-makers and they are treated with dignity and respect
  • people have better conversations with professionals about the support they need to maintain or regain their independence, safety and wellbeing. These conversations will be (and feel like) an equal ‘meeting of experts’ – those with lived experience and those who can make a difference through their expertise, knowledge or time
  • people are supported to define their goals and capture how they will meet them in a single plan.
  • people will own and have access to this plan, which will be shared with any support providers
  • people's plan will be about their whole lives, and provide a focal point for their family, support network, and any providers or organisations involved in helping them achieve their goals
  • people get joined-up support to develop their single plan and get the support they need to deliver it
  • people know who to contact if something goes wrong and they get a timely response so their situation does not get worse

Ways of Working

As a service, our commitment to you is that we will always aim to be:

  • collaborative - Working hard to bring out the best in each other, focusing on teamwork to create strong and successful working relationships and an enjoyable working environment
  • outcome focused - Being clear about the goals that need to be achieved and the individual roles we all play
  • accountable - Taking responsibility and doing what we say we are going to do, when we are going to do it
  • empowering - Creating an environment that encourages people to grow and develop; giving people the opportunity to be innovative to create sustainable growth
  • have integrity - Acting with fairness, honesty and openness in all we do, valuing diversity and difference

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