You may be entitled to financial support such as Attendance Allowance, Carers' Allowance and/or Social Care support. There are many more benefits which you may be able to apply for - all of these benefits depend on your circumstances.

If you are working and caring, for support please contact Sheffield Mind who offer advice, help, support and training to working carers.

Practical support for carers

Take a break – Respite Care

We provide short breaks (sometimes called respite care) to help carers, and the person they care for, to take a break. We also provide short breaks for people who don’t have a carer, to support them and maintain their independence.

A break can be for a few hours or a few days, depending on whether the carer needs time to attend an appointment, to have an operation, or for a rest so they feel able to continue caring for someone.

A break can also be longer, if needed. The longer breaks may take place in a care home or with a carefully selected family, or a live in carer may be arranged.


We may provide respite care as part of your support, if your assessment shows you have critical or substantial social care needs. We may also provide respite care to support a carer.

As part of planning your support, we will carry out a financial assessment to work out how much you can afford to pay towards your support. More about care costs.

Types of respite care

  • residential respite: the cared for person is looked after by someone else for a while, either in residential care home or nursing care, or on holiday
  • care at home: someone comes to stay in the home of the cared for person and takes over care for a while (for a few hours or sometimes overnight) so the carer can go out or have some time on their own


The cared for person can be helped to take part in activities outside the home, for instance at a social centre or day care centre.

Adult Placement - Sharing Lives

We carefully match carers and the person they care for with our specially trained and approved carers.

Time for Me grants

Carers can receive a grant of up to £200 to pay for activities or holidays when they take a break from caring.

Making Space Sheffield Carer Respite

Making Space workers can provide care while the carer goes shopping, visits family or friends, attends hospital appointments and so on.

Young carers

If you are under 21 and provide care for or look after someone, you could be a young carer. All children under the age of 18 have rights. One of the most important rights you have as a young carer is the right to an assessment.

Help & support

For help and support including information, one-to-one support, group activities and help for your family, contact us.

Young Carer's Assessment

An assessment is your way to tell an adult you trust about your caring at home. This will help you and the adult find ways to make your life and your caring role easier.

When your caring role ends

Residential & nursing care

You may wish to find out:

  • what care each home provides
  • how you can be involved in decisions
  • how your benefits are affected

Losing the person you care for

Please use the links on this page to contact Bereavement Services, register a death and arrange a funeral.

You may also need to deal with the estate and notify organisations such as the local benefits office, banks, utility providers and social care services.

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