Making sure our adopted children and their families are taken care of is our top priority. Anyone who is a parent may need support from time to time. Adoptive parents, children and birth families sometimes have specific concerns or experience issues which differ from traditional family problems, we provide a wide range of adoption support services for adopters and their children, as well as for birth families and adopted people. 

Why adopt with Sheffield

We offer round the clock support and advice when you need it. We’ll support you and your children throughout their lives, making sure you have the help you need to tackle the most difficult issues and connecting you with the services that can most help you. Our Adoption Support Team will be available to provide further information on services available.

You can access our range of events, training and support groups including:

  • help and advice with our social workers over the phone or in person
  • support groups where you can meet other adopters and your children can play
  • workshops and training on a range of topics
  • group work and training in theraplay techniques
  • free membership for ‘Adoption UK’ for one year post adoption order
  • support for adopted children in school. Every adopted school aged child is eligible for pupil premium
  • if you have an adopted young person aged 11 to 18 they may be interested in looking at the Teenagers support group that we run
  • the letterbox exchange, a confidential service to facilitate the exchange of letters between adopters and birth families              
  • help and advice about future contact between the child and birth family including the role of social media
  • Lifestory Work - children may want more information and support around understanding their birth family history

Adoption Support Fund

The government’s Adoption Support Fund can be used to fund specialist therapeutic support for your family.

We can support you on a one to one basis and give you access to additional therapy through the Adoption Support Fund, if we decide collectively that it’s the right option for your family. Adoptive families are able to request an adoption support assessment at any time and we will carry out an assessment to see if you can access the fund.

If the criteria are met, we can also access specific therapeutic work funded by The Adoption Support Fund. 

First4Adoption also provides an overview of the types of support available.

Support for Birth families

If your child has been adopted, we can support you with any specialist advice and counselling you need.

We can also help you maintain indirect contact with the adoptive family through our Letterbox Service, which involves an exchange of letters between the adopters and the birth family on an annual basis. We understand that adopted children benefit from having an understanding of their family history.

This service enables recent, up-to-date information about birth families to be shared with adoptive parents and communicated sensitively with the child.

Knowing that their birth families are still interested and care about them can significantly help with a child’s development and mental wellbeing. Birth families can also be reassured that the child is happy and secure.

We also offer an independent support service for birth families whose birth children have a plan of adoption or have been adopted. This is for birth family members affected by adoption but who do not want to speak to the Council.

Support for Adopted adults

If you are an adopted adult and live in Sheffield or were placed for adoption by Sheffield City Council then we can help you find out more about your birth family history. This involves helping you access your adoption records and providing information and advice on how to trace members of your birth family, if you make that the decision to do so.

How to access support

If you or your family would benefit from adoption support, please contact the Adoption Support Team on 0114 2735010 or email

We’ll arrange to meet with you and undertake an assessment of your family’s adoption support needs to identify what services would suit you best.

Find out about adoption

If you haven't yet adopted but you're considering it, take a look at our adoption page to learn more.

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