There are 30 different award certificates and badges that a child can receive from Sheffield Children's University.

We hold award ceremonies throughout the year. Some are for children whose schools are currently signed up to Sheffield Children’s University, and others are for children whose schools aren't currently signed up to Sheffield Children’s University.

There may be a delay in awarding credits, as the attendance registers are sent to us termly. Please be assured that the credits will be added in due course and we thank you for your patience and ask that you explain this to your child.

Bronze & Silver Awards

If your child's school is signed up to Sheffield CU then all Bronze and Silver awards will be sent directly to school. The school will celebrate the awards and present them in an assembly around November, March and July. 

If your child's school is not signed up to Sheffield CU then we will post these awards directly to your home address around October and May. 

Gold Awards

Once a child has reached 100 hour milestones, we will invite them to attend a special awards ceremony to receive their Gold Award.

If your child’s school is signed up to Sheffield CU, invitations for the Gold Award ceremonies will be sent in to school to be distributed to award winners.

If your child’s school is not signed up to Sheffield CU, the invitation to the Gold Award ceremony will be posted directly to your home address alongside information and the ticket price, which is currently £6.50 per award winner.

In either case, you must confirm your attendance by returning your reply slip as indicated on the letter.  This carries the photo consent which allows us to share photos from the ceremony, and helps us manage capacity at the ceremonies.  Failure to do so will mean your child will be unable to attend the ceremony to receive their award.

Don’t forget to tell your Learning Destination that your child is receiving a CU Award so they can celebrate too.

The ceremony

Details of what to wear, when the ceremonies are and where they are will be included on your letter. 

Tempest Photography attend each ceremony when available and provide an opportunity for children to have a professional portrait photo taken, wearing one of our Sheffield CU graduation caps and gowns. The photo-shoot is free and parents and carers will be able to order prints directly with Tempest following the event. If you’d like a photo to be taken, we advise you to arrive early as these photos can be popular.  We also take group shots of children with photo consent with VIPs during the ceremony and these are sent in to school and shared on Facebook and Twitter.

There is an opportunity to purchase CU merchandise at the ceremonies including lanyards for badges, award certificate folders, stationery and wristbands. All proceeds from these sales are non-profit and directly fund CU activities and future award ceremonies.

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