Having a part time job can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for a child or young person. It is important that they are kept safe from harm or potential exploitation.

Children and young people thinking about getting a part time job, their parents or carers and their prospective employers need to be aware of the laws that aim to protect everyone involved.

In order to ensure that employers are working within the law, a work permit is required which states the terms under which the child will be employed. The work permit is evidence that the right permission has been sought and obtained.

The work permit means that the employee will be covered by the employer's liability insurance and is entitled to the same level of care and consideration as other employees in the company.

Child Employment Guidance & Byelaws

The downloads can be kept for future reference. They would be useful for:

  • employers looking to offer part time employment to a child or young person
  • the parent or carer of a child or young person who is looking for part time work
  • a child or young person thinking of looking for a part time job

Specific Byelaws are also included in the guidance but can be downloaded separately if required.

Apply for a Work Permit

Once you have decided to apply for a work permit, you can download the relevant forms. The Application Form and Medical Declaration are both required to ensure your application is successful.

A document outlining what hours children can work is also available.