The High Court renewed the Injunction Orders to prevent unlawful trespass into safety zones constructed around street tree removal on 12 July 2018. The Court Orders and copies of the court papers along with a copy of the judgment can be found below.  

High Court Order made August 2017 

A High Court judge ruled that Sheffield City Council has been successful in seeking injunctions against those trespassing within safety barriers around tree replacement works.

Following the decision, anyone trespassing inside a safety zone will be in contempt of court and face the risk of a fine and/or imprisonment.

Within the area shown edged red on the boundary map (being, for the avoidance of doubt, the administrative area of the City of Sheffield), you must not:

  1. enter any safety zone erected around any tree; and/or
  2. seek to prevent the erection of any safety zone; and/or
  3. remain in any safety zone after it is erected; and/or
  4. knowingly leave any vehicle in any safety zone or intentionally place a vehicle in a position so as to prevent the erection of a safety zone; and/or
  5. encourage, aid, counsel, direct or facilitate anybody else to any of the matters in points 1-4, including by posting social media messages.

Penal Notice

If you disobey this order you will be guilty of contempt of court and may be sent to prison or fined or your assets seized.

Filming of protests

The Council will arrange for overt filming of any incident which may be required for evidence in court. This will include the safety zones pursuant to the injunctions but also other areas if it is considered that evidence is required. No one in these areas can have any legitimate expectation of privacy. 

The Council does not intend to film peaceful protests away from safety zones or Amey/Council operations provided these are not interfering with work.

Filming will always be overt. The Council’s standing instruction is to avoid filming ordinary members of the public not involved in protests, but on rare occasions that may, of course, happen.