Streets Ahead works will consist of some (or all) of the following, depending on what is required for your street:

  • replace street light columns and lamps
  • replace road-side trees (where existing trees are over mature or diseased)
  • maintain road drains (gullies)
  • upgrade the surface water drainage system
  • replace broken and misaligned kerbs
  • resurface roads and pavements

Streets Ahead works will only be carried out on adopted roads, private (not adopted) roads are not included.

Streets Ahead does have a responsibility to maintain street lighting on some private roads. These private roads will receive the new LED lights.

Those of you directly affected by the Streets Ahead works (all residents and businesses) will receive a letter advising you of the work arrangements before we start any work on your road. You'll also be invited to a roadshow. 

Our zonal approach

To complete the work we have divided the city into 108 zones.

A zones – these represent works on main roads. There are 27 A zones across the city.

B zones – these represent works on local and less busy roads normally within community or residential areas. There are 81 B zones across the city.

In some areas, an A zone will run through a B zone. These zones may not have Streets Ahead works carried out on them at the same time.  This is to minimise the impact of disruption and congestion around the city.  To find out what zone your road is in, please view our works map.

Dates provided on the map are indicative dates only and can be subject to change. If the road, pavement or paved space is in good condition it is unlikely it will be improved in the first 5 years of the contract. After works have been completed it is unlikely that we'll need to return to do any major work for years to come.

We work closely with utility companies to limit the impact of the work on people living, working or visiting the city.  We also have to consider other work taking place in the area, such as:

  • building developer works
  • supertram maintenance
  • third party works
  • traffic management and safety work
  • traffic signals work
  • structure maintenance.

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