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You can view the map to see where requests for improvements have already been made.

Environmental weight restriction improvements

We're planning on introducing heavy goods vehicle (HGV) restrictions to selected roads in Sheffield. We want to introduce Environmental Weight Restrictions (EWR), which limit the size of vehicles allowed to drive down roads where the restrictions are applied. This can be for a variety of reasons including safety, pollution, noise and congestion.

We’re planning on introducing weight restrictions for vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over for four areas in Sheffield.

Have your say on the planned restrictions

As part of the legal process of introducing Environmental Weight Restrictions (EWR) and our policy to engage with the local community on new road schemes, you’re invited to make a comment or object to this proposal. You need to submit your feedback in writing by post or email before 6 September 2018.

Email us on scheme.design@sheffield.gov.uk or write to: Design and Assurance Transport, Traffic and Parking Services Division, Floor 5, Howden House, 1 Union Street, Sheffield, S1 2SH

You can also write or email for more information on the planned EWR, or you can call Chris Galloway on 0114 273 6208.

Please be aware that if you contact us you're giving your consent for the council to process your personal information. This information will only be used in relation to the proposed highway works and will not be shared with anyone else without your express permission.

Details of the planned restrictions

  • Beighton Road, Woodhouse

    HGVs use Beighton Road, Furnace Lane, Sheffield Road and Beaver Hill Road to travel through Woodhouse to the Mosborough By-pass (A57) and Handsworth Rd/Retford Rd (B6200) to make deliveries outside these areas. These roads are not part of the approved network for these through trips because they go through a largely residential area, impacting road safety and air quality.

    The proposed EWR will address these issues by moving HGV traffic onto A roads.

  • The Wheel, Grenoside

    HGVs use the Wheel, Whitley Lane and Elliott Lane to travel between Penistone Road (A61) and The Common (A6135). These roads are not part of the approved network for through trips by HGVs. They're very narrow in places and damage to walls and verges has occurred. This proposed EWR is intended to move HGV traffic from these roads onto Yew Lane (B6087).

  • Twentywell lane, Bradway

    A petition was received from residents stating that “HGVs are using Twentywell Lane, Prospect Road and Queen Victoria Road to travel between Abbeydale Road South (A621) and Bradway Road (B6054)”. These roads are not suitable for large HGVs being “narrow and twisty” and largely residential. HGVs are also “breaking the 30 mph speed limit.”

    These issues could be linked to the introduction of an EWR on Bocking Lane which moved some HGV traffic onto other roads in the area. When the restriction was changed to a night time 7pm to 7am restriction, not all day-time HGV’s went back onto Bocking Lane. The new EWR we're proposing should address the issues that have arisen and HGV traffic should then use the classified road network (A and B roads) for journeys through the area.

  • Psalter lane, Nether Edge and Boston street, City Centre

    HGVs use Psalter Lane, Cemetery Road and Boston Street to avoid using the A625 Ecclesall Road. Residents have expressed concerns over the noise and speed of the vehicles and the potential impact on their safety and health. These roads are not part of the approved network and should not be used for through trips. This proposed EWR intends to address this by moving HGV traffic onto A roads. Details are:

    • An EWR on Boston Street between its junction with London Road and Cemetery Road. This will be in one direction only, HGVs won’t be able to travel in a westerly direction. However, access will be permitted for those HGVs that need to service properties on Beeley Street and the north eastern end of Cemetery Road from its junction with Boston Street

    • An EWR on Psalter Lane between its junction with Ecclesall Road and Brincliffe Hill. This will be in one direction only, HGVs won’t be able to travel in a northerly direction. Access for HGVs will not be permitted for deliveries from Ecclesall Road but will still be possible in a southerly direction from Nether Edge

Bridge Hill, Oughtibridge Accident Reduction Scheme proposal

There have been a number of accidents involving people using motorcycles and bicycles on Orchard Street being hit by people driving out of Bridge Hill onto Station Lane without giving way. In the last five years three people on motorcycles and six people on bicycles have been injured, six of them seriously.

We held an informal consultation with Oughtibridge residents in March 2019 about our proposal to close Bridge Hill to solve this injury accident problem. Since then we have looked at the suggestions residents and the Oughtibridge Road Safety Action Group made, considered parking and how vehicles could access Bridge Hill to make deliveries. In consultation with Local Councillors and the Cabinet Member for Transport we concluded that the only practical way to reduce accidents at the junction is to close Bridge Hill.

We are now proposing to:

  • close Bridge Hill to motor vehicles at its junction with Langsett Road North, people on bicycles and walking would be able to go through the closure
  • put one disabled badge holder parking space on Langsett Road South outside the shops
  • introduce time restricted parking, double/single yellow lines and prohibition of footway parking on Bridge Hill and double yellow lines on parts of Langsett Road North

As part of the legal process associated with a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) you are invited to make comment or object to this proposal.

The deadline for comments is 14 December 2019. You can send your comment by email to traffic.regs@sheffield.gov.uk or by post to:

Tom Finnegan-Smith
Head of Strategic Transport, Sustainability and Infrastructure
City Growth Department
Howden House
1 Union Street
S1 2SH 

If you would like more information please contact us. 

Woodhead Rd/Bramall Lane Accident Reduction Scheme proposal

This location is high on the city wide accident savings priority list which focuses action to reduce clusters of killed and seriously injured casualties. Most of the 21 recorded injury accidents that occurred between 2012 and 2018 at this location can be attributed to the complex nature of the junction and the demands on drivers to make decisions and undertake manoeuvres safely in a short period of time.

A scheme has been developed which seeks to simplify the junction interactions by physically closing off the end of Woodhead Rd/Hill Street at its junction with Bramall Lane and introducing a prohibition of driving order for motor vehicles.

However, a two-way cycle link will be maintained through the physical closure along with access in a westerly direction by coaches for away fans visiting the Bramall Lane football stadium. The coaches will be escorted and at other times, lockable bollards will prevent access by motor vehicles.

Whilst the scheme will improve the pedestrian route on the western side of Bramall Lane, traffic which currently uses the junction to access Hill Street will be displaced onto other roads, principally Harwood Street. Therefore, changes to the existing waiting/loading restrictions are needed in the area,

  • additional peak hour waiting and loading restrictions are proposed in Harwood Street with at any time waiting and loading restrictions at its junctions with Hill Street and Bramall Lane to accommodate turning manoeuvres in and out of Harwood Street by larger vehicles and two way movements along it
  • the permit holder only bays outside no. 76 Hill Street and some of the Pay & Display bay between no. 121 Harwood Street and Bramall Lane will also be removed
  • the current uncontrolled parking sections on the south eastern kerb line of Harwood Street will be replaced with Pay and Display Bays Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm; Saturday 8am to 6pm (4hr max stay) except Permit Holders
  • no waiting at any time restrictions are also proposed on both sides of Woodhead Road and Hill Street along the new road alignment to maintain forward visibility and the unobstructed movement of traffic

See the consultation plan for details of the scheme and the proposed changes to traffic restrictions.

For details of the Councils Parking Permit Scheme refer to Apply for a parking permit

The annual renewable charge for the first permit is

  • £18 if your Vehicle Excise Duty band is A* or B*
  •  £36 if your Vehicle Excise Duty band is C or higher

whilst the rate for additional permits is

  • £36 if your Vehicle Excise Duty band is A* or B*
  • £72 if your Vehicle Excise Duty band is C or higher

These proposals will be formally advertised from 29 November 2018 to 20 December 2018, refer to Statement of Reasons for the traffic regulation orders.

Consultation letters, will be delivered to premises and notices erected on street within the area shown on the attached plan. In addition signs will be erected at the proposed closure point on Woodhead Rd/Hill Street which will give drivers a telephone number to contact to get further details of the proposal,.

The costs involved in advertising and introducing these restrictions are being met from the Accident Reduction Budget.

If you have queries or comments about the proposed scheme please email christopher.galloway@sheffield.gov.uk or telephone on  0114 273 6208.

A61 London Road & Broadfield Road improvement

We have successfully bid for Government (Department for Transport) funding for a £3.36m improvement to A61 London Road/Broadfield Road. Alongside £1.46m of Streets Ahead maintenance work, the scheme will introduce an extra lane for traffic along Broadfield Road and London Road, as well as making improvements to the signal junction. 

The scheme should relieve congestion along this stretch of road, especially for traffic travelling into the city centre during the morning peak. Journey times should improve in peak traffic times, with the major benefit being for inbound traffic in morning peak times.

You can download and view the bid that we submitted to the 'National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) for the Local Road Network', as well as the letters of support from First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach Yorkshire. 

If you would like further information please contact the Transport Planning team. 

Inner Ring Road between Corporation Street & Saville Street consultation

Both traffic congestion and journey times on the Inner Ring Road (IRR) are increasing, particularly during the morning and evening peak hours. One of the worst sections is between Sheffield Parkway and Penistone Road. This section needs more road capacity and improvements to the operation and layout of the signal junctions.  

This will allow increased traffic generated by future growth in the city centre and its economy to be accommodated.

We need to develop a set of proposals to:

  • increase road capacity
  • reduce journey times for all traffic modes
  • reduce congestion which will improve air quality
  • provide better connectivity to and through the City Centre for all modes
  • unlock development sites

A bid has been submitted to the Sheffield City Region, which if successful will provide the funding for the proposal. Subject to funding, work is expected to start on site in the summer of 2018 and expected to be finished in spring 2019.

How we are going to complete this

A number of proposals were developed and modelled to deliver these outputs, the best of which (plan SD-1992-C1), is the subject of this consultation.

This proposal will:

  • move the right turn for traffic from Mowbray Street away from the Bridgehouses junction towards Savile Street
  • increase the number of lanes clockwise from Corporation Street to Alma Street
  • change the lane usage on the clockwise approach to Savile Street so you can  either go left or ahead at the junction
  • provide a left turn lane into Corporation Street
  • re-route the path of traffic heading for Chatham Street at Bridgehouses to the left of the pedestrian island
  • segregate cycles from other traffic by putting them on the footway where possible (segregating them from pedestrians where widths allow)
  • provide a direct and segregated cycle crossing of the IRR at Bridge Street, which is to be promoted as one of the main routes into and out of the city centre
  • replace the pedestrian crossing east of Bridgehouses with one nearer Savile Street


To comment on this scheme please contact the Scheme Design team by 1st November 2017.

Contact Transport Planning Service

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