If you spot a flooded road or blocked drain please report it to us. 

It's normal for standing water to be visible in the drain and on its own this does not indicate a blockage.

How we prioritise fixing blocked drains

We prioritise issues based on the following:

  • type of blockage
  • frequency of flooding
  • type of road and amount of traffic

Flooding across a busy road takes priority over a residential street as it's likely to cause more disruption and danger to motorists and pedestrians.

Sewers and burst water mains

Contact your local water company to fix:

  • blocked sewers
  • burst water mains


Contact the Environment Agency on their website or by email to enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk to report:

  • a blockage, for example a fallen tree
  • collapsed or badly damaged river or canal banks
  • unusual changes in river flow
  • flooding from a main river 

Call us on 0114 273 4567 to report flooding from other rivers, brooks or streams.


We have a limited number of sandbags that we can distribute during serious flooding. We prioritise what properties we send them to. Find out more on our request sandbags page.