If you spot a flooded road or blocked drain please report it to us. We'll need to know what the problem is and where, for example 'outside 15 Bank Street'. Bear in mind, it's normal for standing water to be visible in the drain and on its own this does not indicate a blockage.

Prioritising blocked drains

We prioritise issues based on the following:

  • type of blockage
  • frequency of flooding
  • type of road and amount of traffic

Flooding across a busy road takes priority over a residential street as it's likely to cause more disruption and danger to motorists and pedestrians.

We're not responsible for sewers and rivers

We're not responsible for public sewers, raw sewers and major river related problems. Public sewers and raw sewers are the responsibility of Yorkshire Water or Severn Trent Water, and major river related problems are dealth with by the Environment Agency. 

Clean and clear drains

We're inspecting and repairing Sheffield’s flood prone road drains. Between 2012 and 2017 we have:

  • carried out over 100 schemes to improve drainage across the city
  • replaced 3,000 sub-standard gullies
  • a further 3,000 sub-standard gullies will be replaced after 2017