Temporary changes to legislation mean we no longer have to display notices in the press when we make changes to highways and pavements (Traffic Orders). Instead we are now displaying them online.

What the changes mean

This process is an alternative to the normal adverts placed in the press. It allows people to view the legal proposals remotely rather than travelling to Howden House where they are usually available.

Street Notices will continue to be posted and where appropriate, letters will be sent to people most likely to be affected.

The types of Traffic Orders and Notices are

  • Emergency Notice – we need to put measures in place urgently for safety reasons. These notices last 20 days
  • Temporary Orders – will often follow an Emergency Notice. These can last for up to 18 months
  • Experimental Orders – these are used when we feel that the measures could be retained permanently. They must be either be made permanent within 18 months or removed. Comments and objections are welcomed for the first six months of operation to help us decide
  • Permanent Orders – no changes on the road will be made until this Order is made permanent. Once a proposal is placed on this page and street notices have been put up, people have 3 weeks to provide us with comments and objections. These will help us to come to a decision on whether the Order should be made legal or whether the proposal needs changing. On occasion, the decision might be to not proceed with the proposal

You can read the government's new legislation covering this isThis came into force on 23 May 2020.

Experimental Traffic Orders


Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders are now in place on Alma Street, Ball Street and Green Lane.

Household Waste Recycling Centre Traffic Orders

Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders are in now place at Beighton, Blackstock Road and Longley Avenue West Household Waste Recycling Centres. There is no waiting or loading at any time to prevent obstructive parking on these roads.

City Centre Social Distancing Schemes

The following Temporary Traffic Orders (TTROs) are proposed to allow us to widen footways in high footfall areas around the City Centre, in line with Government guidelines.

Proposed traffic orders

Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders are required to introduce new or remove existing restrictions on the highway. During the consultation period you can raise objections and comment on the proposals.

You can comment or object to

  • Waiting Restrictions for 3  weeks after this notice
  • Moving Orders for 3 weeks after this notice
  •  Speed Limit Orders for 4 weeks after this notice

The consultation period starts on the advertising date. Proposals will be displayed here from the date of advertising.

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