If you or your community wants to get involved in cleaning up your local area, join our Stainless Sheffield anti-litter campaign!

What we’re offering

We’re offering anti-littering programmes to raise awareness of the impact of littering including:

Primary and secondary school programme

  • anti-littering assemblies including content appropriate for Key Stage 1-4
  • workshops tailored to each year group
  • litter art projects
  • litter picks and visits with ‘Phil the bin’

We’ll revisit you each term to reinforce the anti-litter message and celebrate successes!

Community group programme

  • loan of equipment for litter picks/help arranging a community litter pick
  • litter picks with ‘Phil the bin’ and attendance of ‘Phil the bin’ at local events
  • anti-littering workshops which can be tailored to individual groups/issues
  • Trash Art – community litter art projects

There’ll be awards to recognise the work of schools, community groups, businesses and individuals who help us reduce littering by 30% in Sheffield.

If you’d like more information or want to get involved contact us.

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