Guidance for archaeological contractors

The following guidance is available to download below

  • Regional Statement of Good Practice for Archaeology in the Development Process (Yorkshire, the Humber and the North East Region)
  • Statement and information on our open list of archaeological contractors
  • 5 documents relating to archive transfer to museums in South Yorkshire:-
    • Initiation Form
    • Mid-project agreement template
    • Copyright form
    • Completion form
    • Completion checklist

Model Briefs

The documents available on this page are model briefs that set out the work recommended by South Yorkshire Archaeology Service for those carrying out archaeological desk-based assessments, combined assessments and building appraisals, or trial trench evaluative fieldwork within South Yorkshire.

If you are commissioning such work you may also want to look at our information on 'Seeking a contractor'.

Please contact us if you require further guidance.

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