We are offering for sale, on the basis of phased release, a greenfield site with a total development area of approximately 7.85 hectares (19.4 acres).

The site is located in the south east of Sheffield, off Moorthorpe Way, Owlthorpe, near Mosborough.

The tender closing date is midday on 2 November 2018.

For further details and site information please download our sales brochure.

Information to include when making an offer

Your offer should be made unconditionally or subject to receipt of detailed planning permission.

It should also include the following information:

  • gross offer
  • itemised breakdown of estimated costs allowed for ground, service and topographical information provided in the sales particulars
  • itemised breakdown of anticipated costs associated with planning gain items, having discussed this with the Planning Authority
  • net offer (with full details of conditions as appropriate, but anticipated to be conditioned on planning issues only)
  • detailed scheme layout, including access option chosen, an indication of finished floor levels (to assess earth works), typical elevations, landscaping details and so on
  • proposed house types, including floor area, elevations and layout plans
  • net floor area of scheme including a breakdown of affordable and open market units
  • process and timeframes required to obtain full Board approval
  • a copy of your Company’s most recent audited accounts

Your offer will also need to:

  • confirm your proposed timescales for submission of a planning application, obtaining satisfactory planning consent and building regulations approval and estimated date for start on site
  • provide evidence from your bank or other financial institution that your purchase and development proposals would be funded, and evidence that the balance of funds can be financed from your internal resources
  • state the timeframe in which contracts could be exchanged following receipt of title documentation

We reserve the right not to accept any offer for the site. All costs in preparing the bid are at the bidder’s expense. Only offers of a non-variable nature will be considered, referential offers will not be accepted.

Offer procedure

Submit an offer for Site E

Offers should be submitted using the Offer form and sent by recorded delivery or delivered in person with the "Offer for Property" label attached to a plain envelope.

Submit Expressions of Interest for Sites C and D

Expressions of Interest for Sites C and D should be submitted separately for each site in writing, using the relevant Expression of Interest label.    

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