We adopted the Core Strategy document of the Sheffield Plan on 4 March 2009.

Policy CS40 of the Core Strategy sets out the broad principles and aims in relation to affordable housing.

Since Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance was published in 1998, there has been a very radical transformation in the housing market both locally and nationally. Very few areas of the city now have housing available for purchase which is considered affordable.

Developer contributions

The expected developer contribution towards affordable housing varies between 0% and 30%, depending on which Affordable Housing Market Area the site is in.

Guideline GAH2 of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

For further information about planning policy requirements for Affordable Housing, please contact us.

Creating an Affordable Housing Statement

Developers will be required to submit an Affordable Housing Statement which sets out how the applicant proposes to meet the affordable housing requirements set out in Core Strategy Policy CS40 and the CIL and Planning Obligations SPD (2015).

The absence of a required Affordable Housing Statement will render a planning application invalid. A template for an Affordable Housing Statement is available as a download below, as well as a map showing the City's 12 Affordable Housing Market Areas.

Applicants are strongly advised to contact our Housing Strategy and Policy team prior to submitting an application.  They will advise on housing demand, need and affordable housing.  They can be contacted on 0114 2736396, or housingstrategy@sheffield.gov.uk.

They will provide advice on the size, type and tenure of the affordable housing that is needed in the area, as well as advice on which local housing association partners would be suitable.

Reducing the Contribution

The target for affordable housing provision may be reduced if it would make the development economically unviable.  Where the developer considers that they cannot meet the full affordable housing contribution, agreement will need to be reached on an appropriate level of provision.

In these circumstances, the applicant will be asked to provide a full financial appraisal which includes a full breakdown of development costs.  This will be appraised by an independent body approved by us (currently the District Valuation Office), at the developers expense.

The target percentage will usually only be relaxed if the contribution would not allow for a reasonable land value and developer profit to be achieved.  The contribution will, however, be waived if, when calculated, it would amount to less than £2,000.