Applicants can appeal against a refusal of planning permission or against conditions applied to an application. Applicants can also appeal against non determination of a planning application if it remains undetermined after the target date.

Only applicants can lodge an appeal, there is no right of appeal for third parties.

Informing interested parties

Everyone who comments in writing on an application will be informed if it becomes subject to an appeal. They will also be given the chance to make further submissions during the course of the appeal.

Time limit of appeals

All appeals must be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

There are different time limits to make an appeal depending on the type of application:

  • Householder and minor commercial - 12 weeks
  • Advertisement consent - 8 weeks
  • All others- 6 months

The timescales run from the date on the decision notice.

Appeals are conducted by an impartial inspector, who is appointed by the Government.

During the course of an appeal, you can choose how you would like your appeal to be heard (by written representations, informal hearing or by public inquiry).

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