Public Art has contributed to the overall design and high quality of Sheffield's award winning public spaces, including the Peace Gardens, Sheaf Square and Tudor Square.  The richness and craft skills that artists bring, help to make distinctive, well used and loved spaces.

Artists also have a key role involving and engaging local people in change in their neighbourhood. Often drawing on the history and local character of the area their work can be seen in schools, public and private buildings, parks and open spaces.

We encourage Public Art in all new major developments as a significant and integral part of design quality.  We have a Public Art Officer responsible for overseeing this.

Women of Steel

The bronze statue, which has been designed by leading sculptor Martin Jennings, has been unveiled outside the City Hall in Barker’s Pool. The statue is to celebrate the Women of Steel and honours those women who worked in Sheffield's steel works and factories during both World Wars.

Women of steel memorial

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The stunning bronze statue which is a permanent memorial to the Women of Steel now stands proudly in Barker's Pool in Sheffield City Centre. The statue was unveiled on 17th June 2016 and over 100 surviving Women of Steel came along to the unveiling ceremony and lunch at the City Hall Ballroom.

During both World Wars, thousands of women were conscripted to work in the factories and steel mills to keep them running whilst the men were away fighting.

The women, many of them in their teens and early twenties, took on these roles, which were often dangerous and physically demanding, alongside looking after their families and other duties. At the end of the war these women were simply dismissed from the factories as the men returned and for many years their outstanding effort went unrecognised.

The Women of Steel are an important part of Sheffield's history and an inspiration to young people today.

The statue was created by leading sculptor Martin Jennings who worked closely with a group of Women of Steel to come up with the design.

The funding for the statue was raised through public donations and made possible through the enthusiasm and generosity of local people and businesses.

We have also been able to honour many of the surviving Women of Steel and the families of those no longer with us with a commemorative medallion specially produced by the Sheffield Assay Office. Following a request for applications nearly 800 medallions have been issued.

Tinsley Art Project

The Tinsley Art Project is a major public art project in the Tinsley Locks and Blackburn Meadows area of Sheffield.

Artist Alex Chinneck has been appointed to create a significant public artwork inspired by the area's rich industrial history and post-industrial biodiversity, and linked to the wider regeneration of the Lower Don Valley.

Further information on the Tinsley art project

The Tinsley Art Project is a major public art project in the Tinsley Locks / Blackburn Meadows area of Sheffield.  

The project is largely funded by E.ON who pledged £500,000 to us following the demolition of the Tinsley Cooling Towers in 2008.

The artist

Following an open appointment process the studio of British artist Alex Chinneck has been appointed by the Project Board to create a design for the artwork which is set to be unveiled early in 2017. 

Alex is visiting local schools, community groups and businesses as part of a 6 month exercise to develop ideas for the project. The artwork is set to be completed by Summer 2018.

Grey to Green Public Art Commissions

Grey to Green is an exciting project that is transforming the West Bar area of Sheffield City Centre, narrowing existing roads and creating wide footpaths and cycle routes. These will run alongside an innovative Sustainable Urban Drainage System scheme with meadow planting.

The Public Art within the Grey to Green project consists of five 4m high totems made from brightly coloured stacked steel boxes filled with artwork and several specially designed benches.


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