In 2002 the Government launched the Housing Market Renewal (HMR) programme, a scheme which aimed to address issues of housing market decline. Sheffield was selected as a pathfinder area for this programme.

This presented us with the opportunity to improve the experience of Sheffield's existing and future residents. Specifically, our vision was to deliver neighbourhoods that people would want to live in because they provided good quality homes that matched resident needs; easy access to amenities and services; and well designed and maintained public spaces to relax in.

To achieve this vision, we ensured that:

  • the strategies and plans developed as a result of the HMR programme were rooted in the local communities that would benefit from them, and that these communities were able to become involved in the HMR projects in their area through a process of creative engagement
  • capacity was built into projects to assert the value of good design, ensuring that both ourselves and the community acted as excellent clients for the design teams involved in the HMR projects

By implementing the above strategy, we were able to guarantee that the right projects were delivered in the right places, and that the projects met the aspirations of the original neighbourhood visions. Building upon a strong history of partnership working, the direct contribution of partners to the strategies and delivery plans that we developed was also vital to ensuring the quality of the projects and maximising the resources available to the city.

The best of all the skills available within the council were used. This involved officers from regeneration teams, planning, highways, architects, quantity surveyors, property surveyors, solicitors and finance to name a few. By using the best skills in house and those of our external partners we were able to deliver a great deal.

Sharing our experiences

We have produced a guide to showcase the most innovative and successful HMR projects and share our learning with others who are interested in neighbourhood regeneration.  The guide is split into the 3 HMR themes:

  • New Homes
  • Better Homes
  • Better Neighbourhoods

The case studies summarise the issues that the projects were aiming to address; how these aims were achieved; and what the impact of delivering these projects has been. The document can be downloaded below.

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